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It’s All-Star week. No yearly Fantasy Baseball teams to manage and a little vacation from the Daily Fantasy Baseball grind. So what is a Fantasy Baseball junkie such as myself to do at a time like this? Well, not much. What choice do I have? I just sit here staring at my computer feeling like a little kid who cannot find his parents at the grocery store.

It became apparent to me by six A.M. that I was missing that research I do each day, checking the box scores from last nights games, and most importantly, I am missing the Daily Fantasy Baseball Head to Head and Private Leagues I play in each day with all my “Fantasy Baseball” friends. It occurs to me that between my marriage, my business, and children, most of my interactions each day are with a small group of guys I talk to and play with on a few different sites.

I love winning money and that is always a part of Daily Fantasy Baseball, but I love the friendships I have made each day just as much and beating them when I can even more. We are in yearly leagues together, we ask each other advice, we make trades, and get that desire to talk sports out of our system with people who understand us.

Have you ever tried talking wOBA with someone who does not play Daily Fantasy Baseball? Good Luck. It must be for them like it is for me when people talk about cars, gardening, hunting, etc. So with the absence of Baseball today I thought it would be nice to talk about “Alternatives” in player strategy for Daily Fantasy Baseball.

A lot of people are complaining about people putting in multiple entries in the larger tournament’s. I am not one of those people for the simple reason you have alternatives to this. Below are a few things you should try with your friends, if at all possible.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Community

  • Head To Head

    All the sites offer you this option. You can set a line up and challenge your friends for free or whatever you want to play for. I play in a steady four “Head to Head” on two different sites each day, each slate. Here is the thing, I cannot resist at 7:06 P.M. checking to see the line ups my friends put in before I do anything else. I also seem to care about how I am doing in these contests more than the others. Why? It is simple, even with money involved “Bragging Rights” are still clearly also important. In the end though, this is about so much more than money.

  • Private Leagues and Small Leagues

    Here is something that most people do not know. Long before I was contributing to this fine website, I was playing in a nightly league with some of our very own writer’s right here at So Called Fantasy Experts. We play in a small $2 League each night. It started at four, then it grew to eight, and lately at FanDuel I have been setting the League to “Anyone Can Join” and making it a twenty man. It is always titled “So Called”, ie “So Called Thursday League.” So please, look for us.

There are many ways to spend your bankroll each night on the sites. The above account for about 25% of my play each night with the rest being split to around 65% small entry 50/50’s and 10% tournament play. But most important it accounts for 100% of my fun.

I have made some great friendships in this community; both experts and novice. Some of which brought me to writing this article today for this site. We have so many more positive things we can do in this industry and it all starts with the connections we all make through our love of sports and this game.

A long time ago I tweeted to a “Legend” and asked him how I go about getting into Tout Wars. He simply replied, “Mingle.”  So I did! As of yet, I am still not in Tout Wars but I have become friends with that legend and many more great people. So sign up, play, and make some friends. I did! Where else can you meet a guy from New Jersey who can relate to your wife being mad because you check your phone all night (LOL, yes you Brian).

This Weeks Daily Fantasy Baseball Tip

Spend time with your significant other over the next few days. It has been a long season for them. As for me, I will spoil my wife for the next few days to butter her up for the second half to come and prepare her for the beast I turn into when that “Football” thing they talk about comes around.

If you would like to play against myself in a Head to Head, send a challenge (Nothing Crazy) to geraldcolviniii on both of the top two sites or email Please keep in mind I stick to my 10% each night and will only accept challenges until that amount is reached, but it does not mean I am “afraid”. It is simply First Come, First Serve. If you would like to play with us experts on any given night in our nightly league and would like to be added to the list, tweet me at @geraldcolvin73.

Enjoy the break and I will be back next Wednesday with more Daily Fantasy Baseball picks.


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