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Fantasy Football draft season is getting closer every day. One of the biggest struggles that I hear about is the draft itself – especially online drafts with time limits between picks! Their problem is trying to keep the draft list up-to-date while preparing for their pick when it’s their turn. And HEAVEN FORBID someone takes “your pick” right in from of you!

This is why I created the Tier Draft list. It is free with every Fantasy Football Consistency Guide and you will receive FREE updates throughout the preseason. Guide is sold here. I have included a more recent copy of the Tier Draft List here, so you can understand the concept.

The other issue that many Fantasy owners struggle with is how to have an effective draft. The answer is: Mock Drafts! Our friends at FantasyPros have a great free tool called the Mock Draft Wizard. Click here to try it out!

I will combine my Tier Draft List and the Mock Draft Wizard to come up with a Perfectly Consistent Draft from each of the 12 positions in a 12-team PPR format. In this article, I will draft from the No. 1 spot and when finished, you will see the final draft results and what FantasyPros ranked my team overall.

So, let’s get started:

Pick 1.01 – Adrian Peterson – RB – MIN

My Tier Draft List lists five running backs as RB1A. This simply means that you can pick anyone one of these backs and you will receive high 1st round value from them in 2015. They are ranked in order from 1-5 but it’s your call. I went with Peterson because of LeVeon Bell’s suspension. Peterson has a chip on his shoulder and has always been consistent in the past.

Pick 2.12 – Alshon Jefferey – WR – CHI

With every other stud off the board, Jefferey was the best available receiver. His overall points ranked him 10th last season but his Quality Success Rating (QSR) was 81 percent and that tied him for 5th in consistency.

Pick 3.01 – Mike Evans – WR – TB

This was a tough call as I struggled between Evans and T.Y. Hilton. I honestly believe you can take either one here and be fine. Hilton had better numbers last season but I believe Evans will improve this year while Hilton will remain the same with the addition of Andre Johnson to the Colts. I also took a receiver here instead of a running back because I believe one of my “sleepers” will be available at the end of the fourth round.

Pick 4.12 – Andre Ellington – RB – ARI

JACKPOT! One of my sleepers was available! Ellington had a 92 percent QSR last season in the 12 games that he played. He’s 100 percent healthy and should be an excellent 4th round value! Pairing him up with Peterson makes me extremely happy at this point in the draft.

Pick 5.01 – Russell Wilson – QB – SEA

Wilson was one of only five quarterbacks who were around or above a 75 percent QSR last season. The addition of Jimmy Graham should improve his consistency in 2015. He is in the same tier as Drew Brees and Peyton Manning but I’m choosing Wilson as he has more upside than the other two this season.

Pick 6.12 – Roddy White – WR – ATL

White missed two games last season but still ended the season ranked 21st in total points. More importantly, his QSR of 79 percent ranked him 10th in consistency. His ADP right now is giving him great value as my WR3 on this team as I have him ranked 15th on my Tier Draft list.

Pick 7.01 – Delanie Walker – TE – TEN

Walker’s ADP is allowing him to slip in most drafts to around this 7th round selection. He was ranked eighth in total points last season and was ranked SECOND in consistency with 73 percent! Only Rob Gronkowski was higher! I believe his consistency will continue in 2015 with a rookie quarterback at the helm.

Pick 8.12 – Brandon LaFell – WR – NE

My first backup on my team and this is excellent value as LaFell was ranked 22nd in total points and 27th in consistency with nine Quality Games. However, LaFell earned seven of those nine Quality Games over the last nine games of the season. As my WR4 on this team, I’m very excited about this value.

Pick 9.01 – Eli Manning – QB – NYG

My backup quarterback was taken here as the remaining choices were much riskier than I wanted. Manning did rank eighth in total points last season and 10th in consistency with a 56 percent QSR. Good, not great, but as my backup QB, I’m okay with this.

Pick 10.12 – Reggie Bush – RB – SF

Bush is coming off a horrible year due to injuries. He went to the 49ers in the offseason and appears rejuvenated to show Fantasy owners that his career isn’t finished just yet. As my RB3 in a PPR format, I believe Bush will provide solid bye week value.

Pick 11.01 – Marques Colston – WR – NO

Really? As my WR5? That’s unbelievable that his ADP is that low! Folks, I truly believe Colston will have close to WR3 value in 2015. He ranked 36th in total points last season and that was with Jimmy Graham there! Where do you think all of Graham’s targets are going to go? Colston’s consistency was poor last season but the improved targets in 2015 should help that as well.

Pick 12.12 – Owen Daniels – TE – DEN

Psst, Peyton Manning made Dallas Clark into a great tight end. Imagine what he will do with Daniels! It wouldn’t surprise me if Daniels ends up ranked higher than Delanie Walker by the end of the season. As my backup tight end, I’m very happy with the value I have in this pick.

Pick 13.01 – St. Louis Rams – DEF

They were ranked second on my Tier Draft list so I felt this was good value to grab them at this point with only two more rounds to go.

Pick 14.12 – Fred Jackson – RB – BUF

Every year, Fred Jackson is left for dead and every year he provides much better value than his ADP. I realize that LeSean McCoy is there now but Jackson may still provide some value near the goal line and when Shady is resting on the sideline after servicing too many women at his parties!

Pick 15.01 – Stephen Gostkowski – K – NE

The best kicker for the past few seasons! It’s hard not to take high when he’s still on the board.


Well, FantasyPros has spoken and my team ranked FIRST overall! See the results here. Surprisingly, I was ranked in first in both the starters and bench. So, I guess this draft was perfect for me as I followed the Tier Draft list and “earned” the praise of FantasyPros! If you would like to see the full draft results, click here for a pdf version of it. Next up, we will draft from the No. 2 spot!

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