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Who to Pick at No. 5 in Mixed LABR?

Where does Giancarlo Stanton go in Mixed LABR?

The LABR Mixed League Draft is tonight and I drew the No. 5 pick. In the past it seems like I’ve always been saddled with the pick right where the question marks begin. And yes, I think even players in the first round of mixed leagues have question marks. Heck, according to FantasyPros Consensus ADP, Miguel Cabrera is currently off the board at No. 5 and his ankle issues could certainly affect his power in 2015. It’s pretty important to make your first round selection count in Mixed LABR, because it’s a 15-team league. If my math is right, I won’t get to select again until pick No. 26.

Mike Trout will undoubtedly get taken No. 1 by Rotowire’s Jeff Erickson. After that the picks could really go in a lot of different directions. I’m thinking the next three picks will be some combination of Giancarlo Stanton, Clayton Kershaw, Andrew McCutchen, or Paul Goldschmidt.

I may be the only guy who doesn’t like Stanton in the Top 5, so I’m hoping he goes before my pick. Don’t get me wrong, the guy hits the ball harder than anybody in baseball and he might be my favorite hitter to watch. I just question his ability to repeat his batting average and stolen base totals from last year. I also question his ability to stay healthy. Last year he stayed on the field until that nasty beaning, but in the past he’s been hampered by muscle pulls and the like. So, I’d love to have the guy, but not when there are other elite players I trust more still available… or I could just be trying to throw my competitors off their game.

The other player that I hope gets taken is Kershaw. It’s not because I don’t think he’s worthy of a high pick. It’s mostly because at times I’m a “Can’t hack it pantywaist” who doesn’t want to be forced into a decision. Yeah, it’s a wussy stance to take, but I never said I was the Colossus of Clout.

Can’t Hack It Pantywaist

So if things go my way I’ll have McCutchen or Goldschmidt. They should both hit for a good average, deliver some nice power, and offer a good starting point for a balanced team without the need for any one category wonders. I detest paying for the Billy Hamilton types. If I can keep my stats balanced through the first few rounds, I won’t have to make decisions later based solely on statistical needs. I can just take the best players.

So the big conundrum is who to take if McCutchen and Goldschmidt are taken in the three picks before my selection. I could just go with Stanton or Kershaw if they’re available, but I also like the bats of Jose Abreu and Edwin Encarnacion. Abreu is a particular favorite of mine and he’s shown the ability to do pretty much whatever he wants with a bat.

I have a pretty good idea where I’ll go. In fact, if McCutchen and Goldschmidt are not available, I just might shock the world… or at least Steve Gardner, who has the N0. 6 pick, and go in a completely different direction. Regardless of which direction I go, I think I’m gonna like the No. 5 slot this year. In 12-team leagues I like drafting at the run, but with 15 teams you can get left out in the cold if things don’t fall right. At No. 5 I won’t have to wait too long… Of course the waiting until 9:00 E.T. tonight is going to be hard enough.


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