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Pink Zone: An Introduction

On a website called “So-Called Fantasy Experts,” I feel I should introduce myself. That title (arguably) describes most of the industry — but I’ll gladly take it.

Who am I? Sarah Bojarski, a female writing in what is still considered a man’s world. Don’t hold that against me. If you want something to hold against me, how about when I was answering start/sit questions on Twitter, and I recommended sitting Tre Mason in Week 13? (Here’s your refresher: 117 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns, three receptions for 47 yards and a touchdown. You’re welcome).

Like I said, so-called Fantasy expert. I’ll also have you know that against all odds, I recommended starting Jonas Gray in Week 11 (201 yards, four touchdowns).

I’m an avid Fantasy football player, reader and writer. I read as much as I can (you know, between doing things like a full-time job and sleeping). I look at the stats. I look at trends and numbers. And like everyone else in the industry, I take the information I’ve gathered and make decisions. I try to help, I try to analyze, and I definitely form my own opinions.

Sometimes I’m right, and sometimes I’m wrong. That’s how it works.

I started playing Fantasy Football almost a decade ago, and I’ve been writing about it for five years now. I’ve won leagues; I’ve lost leagues. I’ve played with industry experts; I’ve played with friends and family. I’ve played in daily leagues, salary cap leagues, women’s leagues, keeper leagues and leagues with odd formats. In the 2014 season, I played in 12 different leagues (that was like a full-time job!). I made the playoffs in six of those leagues. I made the championship game in three of those and I won two of them.

Is this enough to make me a so-called Fantasy expert? I’ll let you decide. I’ll continue writing, offering advice and opinions, and let my audience decide. I’ll take a look back at some of the good and bad calls (by the majority of Fantasy experts, not just me) from the 2014 season. I’ll offer my take on any news or trades that happen in the offseason and I’ll look ahead to the draft.

If there is one thing that I can promise, it is that I’ll make some good calls and I’ll make some bad calls. I’ll be wrong and I’ll be right, but when there is a game that is played each week, that’s how it goes. Who would have thought that the Carolina Panthers, with a losing record, will be in the playoffs? Who would have thought that Emmanuel Sanders would have more Fantasy points at the end of the season than Calvin Johnson? Not many, that’s for sure. But that’s what makes this game fun. If it was predictable, where’s the contest each week? And, what would we have to write about?

Photo Credit: LI Phil

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