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We’re heading back to Shandler Park! With one month of the MLB season down, it’s time for another round of Shandler Park fun for us “So-Called Fantasy Experts” writers. A new month means a new team to draft and seeing as how I came in 9th place, I needed a strategy change.

The Injury Report

Who better to give us some pointers than my competitors who put me to shame in round 1? Staff writer Stefan Zonia came on first to discuss the beat up state of some of the top tier players and how to cope with their slew of injuries. Who’s worth holding on to and how long do you stash an injured player? Even how to approach trading for an injured star. We cover it all.

Now that most of my season long teams are staring to get hot, Stefan and I give some updates into our brilliant moves that are now starting to pay off. We of course share some sob stories over how injury riddled our rosters are and how we’ve managed to keep our respective teams afloat.

Once we get through all of that we get into discussing how our Shandler Park strategy has changed, what worked well for us in Round 1, and which players we think are steals for their prices. Drew Smyly and Blake Swihart were popular choices. We’re also betting a lot of chips on some top tier guys who look like they’re due for for a bounce back. Guys like Adrian Beltre and Evan Gattis.

Staff writer, and owner of Joe Bond makes an appearance late and the three of us discuss how we approached the Holds/Saves category and what we did with our bench slots.

All that and more on this week’s episode of the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Podcast!

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