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Welcome to the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Staff rankings! Specifically, welcome to our kickoff position – the 2015 Fantasy Football quarterback rankings!

Several staff members, including myself, football editor Sarah Bojarski, and football writers Jack Delaney, Mike Tomlin and Graham Briggs helped out with these rankings.

We compiled all our individual rankings into a spreadsheet, averaged them out, and it spit out the results you see below. It’s like when all of your aunts would get together to make an awesome dinner – I get to be Aunt Agnes with the thing on her cheek!

Over the next week, we’re going to be rolling out our rankings for each of the positions, and we’ll wrap it all up with our “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Top 100 – our combined opinion on who should be the top 100 picks in your standard Fantasy drafts.

Let us know in the comments section which players you think should be ranked higher or lower, or if there’s someone we didn’t think deserves mention that you really like.

Examining the 2015 Fantasy QB Rankings Closer

Before I dive right into the quarterback rankings, I thought now would be a good time to look at recent history, which should help us get an idea of what’s ahead in the near future.

We’ve all heard about how the passing game in the NFL has hit the turbo button in recent seasons, but what are the numbers telling us? Is the incline in passing yards and touchdowns going to continue? Have we slowed down at all?

From 2011 to 2013, we saw an average of 12 Fantasy Football quarterbacks score 300 or more Fantasy points in a season. But last season, we had 17 different quarterbacks score that many points, and one can only assume we’ll see something close to that once again in 2015. With just Peyton Manning on the edge of retirement, it’s doubtful we’ll lose many players in the 300 Club after this season. The addition of two franchise-type quarterbacks in Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, and the development of last season’s rookies, like Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, could really blow the top off of that 300-points club.

My viewpoint on this influx in high-scoring Fantasy quarterbacks is that the position is deeper than it has ever been. You could have drafted a quarterback late in 2014 and still ended up with an Eli Manning (eighth-highest scoring QB), Ryan Tannehill (ninth), and Ben Roethlisberger (sixth).

Of course, it would be great to have Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck on your team – but you’re doing so at the cost of a star at another position. The chances of finding a very good player late from the running back or wide receiver position is much tougher than hitting on a late-round quarterback.

Differing Opinions on 2015 Fantasy QBs

The top two quarterbacks (Luck and Rodgers) are solid, even if not in that order. Bojarski is the only one of us to rank Rodgers ahead of Luck, and she isn’t as big of a fan of Cam Newton (she ranks him seventh) as some of us. But she does like Matt Ryan (sixth) and Ben Roethlisberger (eighth) more than others.

Tannehill has Delaney smiling (he ranks him seventh), whereas some of us look at him more as a backup QB in 10-team leagues.

I happen to like Tom Brady more than others (I rank him ninth), even though he’s suspended for the first four weeks of the season. My belief is that his Fantasy points per game will still rank in the top six or seven at this position when all is said and done, and you can get a decent Fantasy backup QB with your last pick before a kicker to hold down the fort. Wouldn’t you want a pissed off Brady on your team? (See post-Spygate 2007.)

Some later picks we’re liking individually more than others:

  • Delaney has Sam Bradford ranked 11th.
  • Gonos has Jameis Winston ranked 17th.
  • Bojarski likes Teddy Bridgewater, ranked 16th.
  • Tomlin is a much bigger fan of Ben Roethlisberger, ranking him fifth among QBs.
  • Briggs and Gonos agree on Matthew Stafford, ranking him 12th, ahead of where the other three have him.

2015 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

These rankings are based on standard, non-PPR, 12-team Fantasy Football drafts, with four points for a touchdown and one point deducted for an interception.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

Here are the links to our other 2015 Fantasy Football Rankings:

The Fantasy quarterbacks position is deeper than ever, and if you miss out on the first five to eight quarterbacks, you’re still in pretty good shape at this position.

As injuries and roster movement dictates, we’ll be updating these 2015 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings until the start of the NFL season – so check back frequently!

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