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Welcome back to the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Staff rankings! Particularly, welcome to today’s position — the 2015 Fantasy Football wide receiver rankings!

David Gonos got us started with the quarterback rankings on Monday, followed by Jack Delaney’s recap of the running back rankings. The compilation includes those two, along with myself, football editor Sarah Bojarski, and football writer Graham Briggs.

We combined each of our individual rankings in standard leagues to get an average SCFE ranking for each position. This will help take a more accurate depiction of our overall feel for each player.

The rest of the week we will still have the tight ends, along with kickers and defenses before we wrap it all up with our “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Top 100 – our combined opinion on who should be the top 100 picks in your standard Fantasy drafts.

Let us know in the comments section which players you think should be ranked higher or lower, or if there’s someone we didn’t think deserves mention that you really like.

Taking the Wide Receiver Rankings Further

Personally, I am a Points Per Reception guy and every league I am in has some sort of PPR facet. When creating my rankings for a standard league, I noticed that the wide receiver position had the biggest discrepancy between the two configurations.

For example, I have Antonio Brown as the top overall player regardless of position in full PPR settings. In standard leagues, he is not even my top wide receiver.

There is also the common them that wide receiver is the deepest position, so it is okay to wait for established veterans like Anquan Boldin, Marques Colsten, or Larry Fitzgerald in the later rounds. However, I think that the fact that there is a clear top tier of eight players with exponentially more safety and consistency than the rest of the position makes it just as important to snag an elite option as it is at running back.

I can promise you that I will be taking an elite option at receiver in the first two rounds of almost every draft I am involved with. The middle rounds can then provide you with the young upside guys like Jordan Matthews or grizzly veterans such as the aforementioned Anquan Boldin.

The late round receivers are the epitome of Fantasy lottery tickets. For every Odell Beckham last season or Josh Gordon a couple of years ago, there are ten (if not twenty) Cordarrelle Patterson or Justin Hunter ‘s. This is why I like to get the elite option combined with the veteran stability so as to not have to depend on the “depth” at the position.

How Our Rankings Stack Up

The top three of Brown, Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant were pretty consensus, with just the order switched up. Gonos, Bojarski and Briggs all went with Antonio Brown in the top spot, while Delaney and I went with Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas respectively.

With no PPR, I think it will be hard for Brown to keep up with Thomas, as he will get even more red-zone targets now that Julius Thomas is in Jacksonville. Dez will also have a tough time replicating his 16 touchdowns from last season, but in the end you can’t really go wrong with any of the three.

As for the rest of the elite tier of eight that I referenced, (Calvin Johnson, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson and A.J. Green) each player was ranked in our top eight’s except for Jones and Green who each had a single ninth place spot.

One of the biggest discrepancies in the rankings was DeSean Jackson. He was ranked in the top-25 by all four of my peers while I left him off completely. The combination of terrible quarterback play, injury going into the season, return of Pierre Garcon and off-the-field issues concern me too much to include him on any of my Fantasy teams.

Another player with high deviance was Michael Floyd. He was ranked as high as 27th and as low as 52nd. I am sure once he starts getting back from his injury, he will fall somewhere in the middle.

A few other players that each of us had higher opinions of than others:

  • Gonos thinks that Kevin White is ready to step in and contribute as he has him 6+ spots higher than anyone else
  • Sarah also likes a couple of rookie receivers more than the rest of the group in Breshad Perriman and Nelson Agholor
  • Jack has Rueben Randle as a border-line WR3 with the rest of us not being as convinced
  • Briggs has Larry Fitzgerald creeping up to WR2 status in larger leagues, while the rest of us see him as a bench player to start the year
  • The player I am highest on now compared to the group, and it will only get higher as he and Jay Cutler get more in sync, is Eddie Royal

2015 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

These rankings are based on standard, non-PPR, 12-team Fantasy Football drafts, with four points for a touchdown and one point deducted for an interception.

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Here are the links to our other 2015 Fantasy Football Rankings:

While there may be depth in the middle rounds at this position, you still want a solid foundation with an elite option.

As injuries and roster movement dictates, we’ll be updating these 2015 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings until the start of the NFL season – so check back frequently!

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