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Welcome to the SCFE Water Cooler, a place where we can either celebrate amazing moments during the week or agonize in the misfortunes. Each week we will take Tweets and share your stories with your fellow Fantasy Footballers. Some may consider this therapy, others may find this to be rather comedic.

This was a week that started out with fireworks and simply grinded to a halt. Thursday night treated us to Brady to Gronkowski more times than I preferred. It was absolutely wonderful when “Gronk” was credited with the fumble recovery for a touchdown, had it reversed and then proceeded to score on the subsequent play. That didn’t only hurt me in one league but in three!

I know there are many who benefited from the garbage time touchdown from Antonio Brown. Of course you all know “that guy” or “that girl” who felt the need to share that story. Garbage time touchdowns should not be allowed to be spoken about in any leagues, because most of the time nobody seems to care.  Does anyone agree?

Alright, let’s highlight some of the more interesting happenings during Sunday’s games. The lack of production from the superstars was about as frustrating as it could have been. Was anyone else expecting zero offensive touchdown in the Denver/Baltimore game?

The Cowboys/Giants game had some awesome moments, such as Jason Witten’s two touchdown performance, but then Dez Bryant absolutely crushed the Fantasy Football world when he suffered a broken foot. As much as I would like to believe he’ll be back sooner than later, I am not buying it unfortunately.

Were a lot of people expecting more from Andrew Luck this week?  Personally, I wasn’t surprised at the lack of production from Luck, but I was quite bummed that Frank Gore showed very little.

SCFE Water Cooler

Let’s examine some of our Tweets of the week from all of our SCFE readers shall we?

Peyton Manning

This made me laugh out loud.  Apparently, @jgdezine was expecting at least one offensive touchdown during the Broncos/Ravens game!  However, the defenses here were simply dominating and each had a defensive touchdown.  I honestly became very afraid of having Manning on any of my teams after watching him throw last year.  He looked old during the playoffs and looks older and slower now.  He can only get away with throwing short routes for so long and eventually it will catch up to their offense.


This tweet from @noelallen10 is especially painful.  Did anyone else ever wish they didn’t introduce their wife to Fantasy  Football?  My wife felt the need to chime  in and remind me that she had Brady to Gronk three times against me.  Apparently, any ounce of credibility has gone out the window here.  At least the other two teams that had the Brady/Gronk duo didn’t feel the need to share it.  It is quite clear that Gronkowski is the most dominant at his position and will continue to be so and none of us can do a thing about it. I have swallowed my pride and would like to move forward.

Refs Ruining The Game

I literally fell off my chair when reading this one.  I love when Fantasy ballers have their players’ touchdowns called back.  The amount of emotion expended when the player scores and the extreme disappointment that soon follows is priceless.  Here is the bright side I suppose:  At least he played, right?

Thanking The Fantasy Gods

Boy, someone lives right.  The Fantasy Gods have indeed shined brightly on you @briggsgraham!  Now the question I have for you is: Do you win after being given such a gift?  A loss here would be devastating but would make a great Tweet for next week’s Water Cooler!  Remember all you SCFE readers, don’t forget to look over your lineups before the games begin or you may be in the next article!

When Second Best Isn’t Enough

As much as I want everyone to succeed and suffer as little as possible, this just makes me feel sad.  This should never happen to anyone.  What is even more brutal is that it was less than a three point differential.  Please tell me your kicker didn’t miss three extra points as well!   @yourFFcoach, please be careful around your dog and television for the next couple of days.  You may want to contact @briggsgraham and ask what prayers he is saying.  Good luck my friend!

Super Mariota!

I absolutely love Mariota as an Oregon Ducks fan and expect him to be an awesome NFL quarterback.  I think he will continue to make the players around him play at a higher level.  I love his mobility and believe he will be one of the best Fantasy quarterbacks down the road.  You deserve the luck when you draft a Duck @FFFTW!  Expect more fun when Mariota plays the Colts in week 2, as it may be a shootout for you!

It’s A.J. Green’s Turn Next Right?

Believe it or not, the Bengals are one of the most talented teams in terms of offensive skill positions in the NFL.  With Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard along with AJ Green and Tyler Eifert, the only thing that prevent them from having success is the “Red Rifle”.  Dalton has to play at his highest level so he can allow his playmakers to have success.  I think AJ Green will continue to have success now that defenses have to watch out for Hill and Eifert along with a very talented Marvin Jones.  I think you will have your wish @Jimmygaroppolo1!

If your Tweets did not make into this week’s Water Cooler, don’t be discouraged!  We will be doing this all season long so please have a drink with us at the Water Cooler next week.  Until then, may the Fantasy Gods shine down on you for the rest of the season.  Good luck!

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