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Boy oh Boy…  This is another frustrating week for Fantasy Football injuries as we lost Tony Romo from our starting lineups.  He will be joining his wide receiver Dez Bryant on the sidelines.  Early reports are that he will still be back sooner than Dez Bryant.  Is there really a silver lining here?

We also lost touchdowns from our studs this week. Julio Jones and Adrian Peterson both had touchdowns reversed, which resulted in points taken away.  I was on the bad end of each one in both DFS as well as season long leagues.  Unfortunately, there were many others who suffered from the same frustrations.

I don’t want to  focus on the negatives because there were some positives too. My new best friend DeAngelo Williams scored three touchdowns this week and was an absolute scoring monster.  He was well worth drafting even if he rarely sees the field once Bell returns. Keeping him on your roster is definitely a wise move.  It will take Bell some time to get comfortable and there is no guarantee that he will be healthy for the whole season.  Williams is certainly a guy to stash on your roster.

Who loves garbage time production? Yes, we all do when it benefits us. Terrance Williams along with Jordan Matthews put smiles on your faces as they scored late in the fourth quarter and perhaps won you your game.

Well, I am writing this with a heavy heart as I lost Tony Romo like many others. Let’s see what the SCFE Water Cooler has for us this week!

Romo Joins Dez

We discussed how Tony Romo joined Dez Bryant on the injured list already and how that has affected my teams. Now we get into some of your Water Cooler talk.

Bad Luck

Wow! I do not recommend crossing the street @auburnpaul.  Maybe the NFFC can give you a redraft this season.  I understand the @tomkessenich and @gregambrosius are understanding and fair gentleman.  Sundays can also be used for going to the mall, yard work or anything else that isn’t the NFFC.  Good luck this season and you need all you can get my friend!

Tight Ends Have To Go


Oh Brother. I decided to look up a little information about our guy Crockett Gilmore.  Drafted in 2014, Gilmore had one career touchdown going into Week 2 of the 2015 season, which includes 16 career games. It might be time to consider joining leagues that do not start tight ends.  If you don’t mind, can you let me know what tight end you are facing next week. I will definitely use that guy in DFS!

Kickers Aren’t People Too

The Saints kicker really spit one up this week, huh (get it..)? What in the name of poor performances went on here?  The Saints kicker goes from a 13 point last week to a dreadful 1 point or in some cases a -1  performance.  To add to this misery, he missed a field goal and an extra point.  I will be passing around the “Cut Hocker” petition later this evening, please sign it.

The Eagles Have Landed


What?  I need to express my frustrations too!  I actually felt worse for Murray than I did for my own Fantasy Football squad.  Ok, that was an absolute lie but the dreadful performances by both Murray and Bradford is the truth. Murray had what seemed like a thousand chances to score at the end.  Once he did, there was a flag for holding. The Eagles offense was unwatchable unless you have most of the offense on your team like me.  Ok, I feel a bit better now.


The tweets that come in each week through #SCFEWaterCooler help us all realize that Fantasy Football can be a cruel game. It causes any of us to have emotional rollercoasters and maybe causes us to throw of the remote control.   Hopefully, you will enjoy the rest of the week, have fun offering trades and acquire some new and productive players such as Mark Sanchez.  I cannot see Sam Bradford lasting until Week 3 after this week’s performance.

One thing that is certain….We will all be anticipating Week 3 and as excited as ever.  Keep the tweets coming as we continue to celebrate and feel sorry for ourselves next week as we hang out at the SCFE Water Cooler.

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