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It’s time, once again, to examine the Starting Pitcher rankings for the middle of June, 2015!

I have talked about various topics with regards to starting pitcher over the last two months.

I’ve consistently preached the practice of patience, so I hope everyone has been able to weather any storms.

We only have two months of data, but when doing the research, one should examine the indicators and investigate the performances versus April and May.

This week I would like to do a quick pitch examination on the dominance of Corey Kluber and some of the names I mentioned on SiriusXMFantasy Black Book show, Saturday May 30th. I did write up Danny Salazar and Jason Hammel in my May 28th article here at but other names of note that I discussed were Carlos Martinez, Drew Hutchison and Alex Wood.

Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians

Any preseason skepticism was could he do it again? I think that questioned has been answered.

  • April stats:  34 IP  4.24 ERA  2.54 FIP  2.77 xFIP  25.5 K%  20.6 K-BB%
  • May stats:  42.2 IP  2.95 ERA  2.14 FIP  1.97 xFIP  35.3 K%  31.8 K-BB%

What is dominance?

  • 2.23 FIP  2nd
  • 2.37 xFIP  3rd
  • 30.6 K%  4th
  • 26.5 K-BB%  1st

I did believe the reigning American League Cy Young Award winner would have a pull back in his numbers from last seasons as mentioned in Starting Pitcher Index because 2014 was a season for the ages.

Also highlighted in the SPI Preview back in October of 2014 was this:

Since 1984 Corey is only 1 of 8 Starting Pitchers to post [ERA <=2.50, FIP <=2.50, WHIP <=1.10 and SO >=250] in a single season. Dating back to 1901, a total of 22 Starting Pitchers have qualified for this accomplishment.

Mister Kluber has now cemented himself as an Elite starting pitcher and someone who’s starts are now circled on my calendar.


Carlos Martinez, SP,  St.Louis Cardinals

I for one am always willing to buy on talent and Martinez has not lacked in that area.

In certain instances opportunity is the key component needed and as important is seizing that opportunity when it arrives.

  • April stats: 6 GS 35.0 IP  4.89 ERA 4.89 FIP 3.62 xFIP 23.3 K% 11.3 K-BB% 49.0 GB%


  • May & June stats: 5 GS 32.1 IP 0.84 ERA 2.35 FIP 2.72 xFIP 31.0 K% 20.9 K-BB% 62.2 GB%

This talent is a Redbird rising and patient owners are reaping the rewards.

Even though the Cardinals would like to limit his innings is that plausible with Wainwright done for the season?

Another question would be can he hold up to the rigors of taking the ball every fifth day.

I’m betting on Martinez are you?

Drew Hutchison, SP, Toronto Blue Jays

Disclaimer, I own Hutch in a couple of my high stakes leagues and yes I do have a rooting interest in his future performance. That said, I provide analysis based on certain factors and the talent of the subject being examined.

  • April stats: 27.0 IP 6.67 ERA 5.04 FIP 4.73 xFIP 16.8 K% 8.0 K-BB%  42.0 GB%
  • May & June stats: 42.2 IP 3.80 ERA 2.74 FIP 2.98 xFIP 22.4 K% 18.8 K-BB%   45.1 GB%

Also of note is his stark Home versus Road splits

  • Home: 39.2 IP 2.72 ERA 2.59 FIP 2.92 xFIP 23.3 K% 18.9 K-BB% 50.5 GB%
  • Road: 30.0 IP 7.80 ERA 5.02 FIP 4.63 xFIP 16.2 K% 88. K-BB% 36.6 GB%

I am all in and hoping his talent translates rest of the season.

Alex Wood, SP, Atlanta Braves

After stumbling in April this highly sought after preseason pitcher acknowledged and is making the appropriate corrections to his game.

  • April stats: 29 IP 4.03 ERA 3.30 FIP 4.17 xFIP 16.3 K% 7.3 K-BB%  50.0 GB%
  • May 4th thru June 1st stats: 33 IP 2.45 ERA 2.79 FIP 3.68 xFIP 15.9 K% 10.9 K-BB%  47.1 GB%

The ground ball rate has maintained circa 50% which is always encouraging but there is still work to done. Improvements are being made and I will continue to monitor his strikeout percentage and control going forward.

Alex is enthrenched in the Braves rotation and pitching in the National League East is benefical to any pitcher.


Top 50 Starting Pitcher Rankings

Here is this week’s top 50 Starting Pitchers and visit for the “In-Season Starting Pitcher Index.”

June 7, 2015

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Max Scherzer
  3. Felix Hernandez
  4. Corey Kluber
  5. Matt Harvey
  6. Chris Sale
  7. Madison Bumgarner
  8. Zack Greinke
  9. Gerrit Cole
  10. Johnny Cueto
  11. David Price
  12. Cole Hamels
  13. Chris Archer
  14. Sonny Gray
  15. Jacob deGrom
  16. Jake Arrieta
  17. Michael Pineda
  18. Carlos Carrasco
  19. James Shields
  20. Jordan Zimmermann
  21. Jon Lester
  22. Michael Wacha
  23. Francisco Liriano
  24. Danny Salazar
  25. Garrett Richards
  26. Jason Hammel
  27. Dallas Keuchel
  28. Masahiro Tanaka
  29. Stephen Strasburg
  30. Andrew Cashner
  31. Shelby Miller
  32. Lance Lynn
  33. Jeff Samardzija
  34. Tyson Ross
  35. Gio Gonzalez
  36. Jake Odorizzi*
  37. Carlos Martinez
  38. Noah Syndergaard
  39. Trevor Bauer
  40. Collin McHugh
  41. Alex Wood
  42. AJ Burnett
  43. Anibal Sanchez
  44. Julio Teheran
  45. Jose Fernandez*
  46. Drew Hutchison
  47. Mike Fiers
  48. Jose Quintana
  49. John Lackey
  50. Carlos Rodon

*Best of luck in the confidence game that is starting pitching.

Which players do you think we should move up — or down — in these Starting Pitcher Rankings?

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