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Well….that was a surprise! I don’t think the White House, Washington or quite frankly most of the country saw it coming.  But I did. I could see the momentum shifting. Matt Jones was losing his starting job and Robert Kelley was the rising handcuff you wanted to get!

What? Oh, you mean that other national news thing? Enough politics for a while. Although I did find the archived photo to the right and thought it very appropriate this week because we need to talk about Mr. Henry and some other notable handcuffs.

Kelley meanwhile has been one of the most added RBs this week and for good reason. His YPC is slightly higher than Jones (5.0 vs 4.6) and he’s a better goal line back.  Add that Jones has had some ball security issues, and Jay Gruden’s switch is no surprise.

Gruden’s announcement made it easy. Yet there are some other rising handcuffs that might not be on your radar yet and some others that are falling you can probably ignore.

Let’s talk about which ones are worthy of your vote…um, sorry….worthy of your consideration.

Rising Handcuffs and Falling Handcuffs

First off, here’s a quick chart showing activity earlier this week that’s pretty indicative of the current market across all sites:


Player Name Adds Drops Trades Total
K. Bibbs Den 168,686 3,002 7 171,695
C. Ivory Jax 141,539 4,182 33 145,754
C. West KC 3,244 115,053 121 118,418
P. Barber TB 100,066 18,010 18 118,094
A. Smith TB 1,496 98,435 13 99,944
R. Kelley Was 71,697 8,291 53 80,041
D. Lewis NE 74,510 2,807 67 77,384
P. Perkins NYG 61,082 3,516 10 64,608
J. Rodgers TB 17,485 43,305 44 60,834
D. Harris SF 40,543 19,477 28 60,048
D. Henry Ten 1,150 57,331 88 58,569

Handcuffs Falling Let’s look at some of these, starting with the aforementioned Derrick Henry.

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry’s stock is plummeting as he is the third most dropped running back this week. This is hardly surprising given his injured calf and tweets like the one below:

But are owners being a little too impulsive? Obviously, if he’s out two days the answer is yes. However, even if it’s two weeks, I would argue the same answer. Recall that DeMarco Murray has had only one season that he played 16 games his entire career. Meanwhile Henry was starting to pick up steam and coming off his best game with 16 carries for a 3.8 YPC, nearly 100 yards rushing, and a touchdown.

Looking at Henry’s weeks 14-17 (your fantasy playoffs have to be somewhere in there!) he plays DEN, KC, JAX, HOU. Sounds pretty bad, right? Actually it’s not. Jacksonville is actually the toughest of the four in preventing fantasy points to RB and are only the 15th toughest. The others are 23, 19, and 20th respectively. If you have the space, I’d actually “buy” Henry. Of course Henry has only about half the amount of drops as Charcandrick West….

Charcandrick West, Kansas City Chiefs

I get it, I get it. Spencer Ware has passed concussion protocol and is healthy and practicing again….

I’m not going to play contrarian here. I wouldn’t even mark him as a sell given that if Ware is healthy West carries very little value. But given that Jamaal Charles will be returning week 17 at the earliest, are you Ware owners that confident to leave yourselves without a handcuff? I’ll will go one step further and state that given that KC plays the soft run defenses of Atlanta and Oakland in the key weeks of 13 and 14, I would absolutely go get West now if I was a Ware owner.

Antone Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Not much analysis needed here, so I’ll go soft and say I kind of feel bad for Smith as he has suffered year ending injury after year ending injury. This year is no different. But as his stock goes down, Peyton Barber’s is obviously going up….

Rising Handcuffs

Peyton Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Barber has been a huge add this week, but owners might be chasing their tail on that one. Doug Martin may or may not be back this week. However, even if he’s not, expect him to play week 11 making Barber nothing more than a handcuff. However, given that the Bucs play the Saints twice during the fantasy playoffs Barber might not be a bad handcuff to own. Of course realize that might be all he is. Which brings us to another rising handcuff that owners have high expectations for….

Kapri Bibbs, Denver Broncos

Coach Gary Kubiak saying Bibbs has earned more work. Okay, so he should get more work. But a couple more carries is more work. Don’t get carried away. Yet some are, citing the fact that Booker has disappointed and Bibbs outgained Booker 80-30. But nearly all of that was on a single lightly defended 69-yard touchdown reception. Booker played 46 of 56 snaps compared to just nine for Bibbs and out-touched him eleven to three. You might want to sell Booker if you can, but if you were one of the ones to grab Bibbs, sell him now while his stock is high.

Of course there’s a lot of unknown with Bibbs. That’s not the case with Chris Ivory…..

Chris Ivory, Jacksonville Jaguars

Ivory’s stock is obviously on the rise but consider me still very cautious. Ivory is on pace to equal his lowest YPC season and I get very nervous when running backs fumble the ball on a goal-line carry, especially in the fourth quarter. Furthermore, TJ Yeldon has 99 total touches to Ivory’s 65. Finally, I don’t see Jacksonville having a lot of opportunity to try and burn clock this season. Sell.

DuJuan Harris

Harris’ stock is obviously on the rise and I’ll cut to the bottom line—I would buy him if you can. Hyde is still not wearing a contact jersey:

Carlos Hyde (shoulder) remains in a blue, no-contact jersey at #49ers practice.

While Hyde has been okay this year (3.9 YPC and 11.9 YPR), Harris actually has better numbers (4.7 and 14.4). Harris might be only a one week band-aid, but he’s actually a better fit for Chip Kelly’s system. Harris is mild buy.

Other Rising Handcuffs to Consider

I’ve listed only situations where there is a handcuff situation and the handcuff situation has actually improved…

Kenyan Drake, Miami Dolphins

If you are a Jay Ajayi owner, you should back him up. I know, opinions are divided…

Many are grabbing Damien Williams. Kenyan Drake is the one you want.

James Starks, Green Bay Packers

He’s coming back folks and not too soon for the Packers.

CJ Prosise, Seattle Seahawks and Paul Perkins, New York Giants

See my article earlier this week, but Prosise and Perkins are each a rising handcuff I tried to grab in every one of my leagues.


Did the Week 10 stock report spawn further questions? Try My Playbook to figure out who is going to rise or fall next



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