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Sunday Night Sandlot: Pitching Sleepers and Tout Wars X Review

SCFE Fantasy Baseball podcast-1-1

Last time around it was all about those bats. Now Buck Davidson and Doug Anderson move on to the arms, with a bounty of pitching sleepers you can consider late in your draft.

Buck shares his criteria for identifying pitching sleepers, and Doug goes all ga-ga over a hotshot pitching prospect everyone seems to have forgotten. What about Danny Salazar and Kevin Gausman? Recen t news cast s some doubt on their immediate future. Is there still a reason to hold onto these upside arms, or are they just waiver wire fodder for later in the season?

Doug also shares his experiences from Tout Wars X, the newest member of the Tout Wars family. Bryce Harper as the No. 1 overall pick? Mike Trout in the second round? What is this new format and what were these “So-Called Experts” thinking?

Finally it wouldn’t be the Spring Training of 2015 without talk of Kris Bryant. He continues to mash the ball, yet it seems nothing can change his early season fate. With his expected late arrival, what round do you wait for to roster the rookie sensation? Can he hit for average with all the strikeouts?


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