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Three weeks up, three weeks down. Some people are happy with their current record while others are wondering “what’s wrong with my team?”

This week, I’m going to focus on the difference in owner mindset at this stage in the game. Assuming your league doesn’t allow ties, I will discuss the four potential record combinations.

I should say, I’m not a big point’s league guy. You know, the leagues where the top 50% of teams with the highest points win. If that’s you, this article is probably not for you. I’m all about H2H leagues. If you want to shadow box, so be it.

This Fantasy Football season has been filled with a crazy amount of injuries and unforeseen performances. Because of this, the status quo in leagues has become unbalanced. The chumps, are now the early season champs.

Whether you are 3-0 or 0-3, I remind you that it is still early. A lot can happen. Just look at the first three weeks this season. So back to our topic, how do you fix your team?

What’s Wrong With Your Team?

The Undefeated (3-0)


First off, a hat tip to you. Second, you are a lucky SOB. Third, I strongly dislike your early season arrogance.

What’s wrong? Nothing, or so you think. I’m not sure about you, but there seems to be a common theme with all the undefeated teams in my leagues. 90% of these loss-less teams are not even close to being the best (at least, on paper). These teams are getting carried by some form of ridiculous performances, early injuries, and soft schedules.

Honestly, take a look around. These are not the teams you expect to be 3-0. Sure, this isn’t an exact science, but based on how the NFL season has started, it’s fairly accurate. Just look at the shake-up that has happened with the rash of injuries and unexpected multi-TD efforts by some bums.

You know what, Mr. Undefeated? I see right through you and your unexposed flaws. Its quite simple. I’m guessing your team is being carried by a mix of strong QB play and low-end WR2s, playing above where they will finish.

My advice to you is to get complacent, very complacent. Puff your chest out and mock the losers in your league. Do this, so I can shove it back in your face later this year.


Sitting Pretty (2-1)


Call me crazy, but this year I’m almost happier to be 2-1 than 3-0. And mainly for the above reasons. Right now, I’m assuming your team is largely intact. Also, you probably have a decent balance with your depth and starting lineups.

What’s wrong? Well, your one loss was probably to the guy who lucked out with Tevin Coleman going HAM on the Saints on MNF. So what? Who cares? This type of loss happens to everyone, every year.

Right now, I would focus on making sure your depth stays strong. Don’t make unnecessary waiver moves or trades. I wouldn’t look to sacrifice your depth at improving your starting lineup at this point.

Why not? Because bye weeks are upon us. And also, people aren’t desperate enough yet.

My focus would be to keep sailing forward. However, start a list of owners for future trades. The trigger happy, the vulnerable, the defending champ turned chump, etc. You might be able to swindle a sneaky deal with a lesser team in a few weeks.


Falling Behind (1-2)


Sitting closer to 0-3 than 3-0, this is a tough spot to be in at the moment. Perhaps you got screwed by questionable-turned-inactive player **cough cough* Sammy Watkins *cough cough* and had to start Golden Tate instead.

What’s wrong?  Your team just isn’t good enough. I don’t care (or need to hear you tell me) that Alshon Jefferey will turn it around (yeah, right). You need to make an adjustment. It’s time to stop feeling bad for your horrible drafting and move on.

I’m also not saying to bid every free agent dollar you have on Jordan Howard, though I would put in a sizable bid this week.

Honestly, something has to give. I’d start by looking to swap a position of strength for a position of weakness. Perhaps, you could make friends with the win-less. Sing the blues with them and figure out a deal that “is the best for us both” – while laughing your way to a lopsided trade.


OBJ On The Sideline (0-3)

Congrats! You stink. Now you know what it feels like to be a Cleveland Browns fan. Woof. Nothing seems to be going right.

What’s wrong? Your best players are on IR or your starting QB is being outplayed by Matt Ryan. Your sly pickup of Jerick McKinnon backfired. You played the highest scoring team last week.

What do you do? Slap yourself and stop crying. Who are you, Odell Beckham Jr? No one likes a somber owner, so stay active and engaged. If you enjoy giving up so early, send me your contact info so I can add you to my league next year.

Now, it’s time to make a drastic move. If you still have elite talent on your roster, trade it. Trade Antonio Brown or Julio Jones. Trade any player who just had a crazy Week 3. Honestly, blow your free agent budget or high waiver priority moves. Just make some moves.

You need to “Make Fantasy Football Great Again!” Incremental improvements to your lineup can equate to wins. Also, trading for your favorite player (at whatever the cost) can temporarily reset your mindset. It’s basically science.

Honestly, what do you have to win? Errr lose?




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