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Over the past week, we have discussed three up-and-coming quarterbacks, three up-and-coming running backs, and we’ll soon hit three up-and-coming tight ends.

But today — we’ll discuss one of the more exciting groups of players over the past few seasons.

We’ll be talking about three up-and-coming wide receivers.

Odell Beckham Jr., there I said it.

After missing the first handful of games in 2014 he broke out in November and was arguably the best wideout in football the rest of season.

Oh, and he also had one of the greatest catches of all time just to cement his standing. If you somehow haven’t seen it here you go:

However, I don’t want to focus on Beckham here, since wide receiver is a deep position and there are plenty of others we can discuss that are gaining momentum moving into 2015. Plus, I think there is a better chance of Dan Marino coming out of retirement than Odell Beckham Jr. being under-drafted this year. While I would love to have him on my squad, all the mega hype as we get closer to the season is going to lead to him going way too early for my blood.

3 Up-and-Coming Wide Receivers For 2015

Time to look at a few other receivers with arrows pointing up for 2015.

Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Robinson was a second round draft pick in 2014 and quietly performed pretty well before being sidelined with a stress fracture for the final six games of the season. Still, he amassed 548 yards and two touchdowns with the Jags. He’s got shifty moves, decent hands, and the ability go up and get the ball.

If you take a flier on Robinson you are gambling that Blake Bortles will progress in his second year throwing Robinson the ball. Gus Bradley of the “Seahawks overwhelming defense” fame is doing his best to turn this team around and there is a chance they start turning just a little this year.

If Bortles improves and Julius Thomas draws coverage, Robinson could develop into a fine WR2/3 this year.

Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins

Landry emerged as the season went on into arguably Ryan Tannehill’s favorite target. He tallied 84 catches for 758 yards and five touchdowns by season’s end. Additionally, Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, and Charles Clay have all moved on for 2015, so Landry will start the season as Tannehill’s most comfortable target. Although, comfortable is not a word I would use for Tannehill and any of the guys mentioned above.

The Dolphins are attempting to play towards Tannehill’s strengths by installing a short passing game and Landry fits well into this plan. I don’t see the addition of first round draft choice DeVante Parker as a threat and I actually think he will help give space to the receivers as a whole. He will be worked in as their future number one, but Landry will continue to be the go to slot receiver and Tannehill’s safety valve.

Miami also signed Jordan Cameron and Kenny Stills, which only helps. I see Landry as a volume receiver with some upside as he also grows into a solid WR2/3 this year, particularly in PPR leagues.

Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts

Having Andrew Luck as your quarterback can’t hurt your chances of jumping into the next level any given year. Moncrief had a mixed rookie season with doughnuts four times as well as a couple one hundred plus yard games. He basically worked as the fourth receiver for the Colts and finished with 444 yards and three touchdowns.

Moncrief will enter 2015 behind T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson on the depth chart, but has plenty of talent if given a shot. Johnson is not the player he once was and has an injury history even without the age concerns. The Colts spent a first-round pick on Phillip Dorsett and could now have one of the deeper receiver corps in the league.

Still, I think Moncrief is worth a flier in the late rounds of your Fantasy Football draft based on the chance that Johnson misses substantial time or even loses out to the future in Indy. In a worst case scenario, Moncrief works as the WR3 in one of the best passing offenses in the league, well worth his trivial cost on draft day.

Who are some of the up-and-coming wide receivers you like for 2015?

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