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2015 Tout Wars Trip: Nando Reunion

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We found out that the 2015 Tout Wars drafts will be held on the weekend of March 21 in NYC (here are the players this year). I bought my flight, but still had to figure out where to stay.

Normally, Eric Mack and I will split a room at a hotel in midtown, which is always a drunken good time. But this spring, the Nando Di Finos-es-es invited us to stay at their place in Hoboken. If you know Nando from CBS Sports or from his Fantasy Funhouse Show on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio, then you know it’s impossible to not have fun with him. His wife J.J. is his better third (she’s tiny), and she’s just as much fun. They’re the NYC sitcom couple that would’ve made great characters for “How I Met Your Mother.”

So as my excitement builds — I thought I’d share my plans!

Plans For 2015 Tout Wars Trip

1. Hit the Comedy Cellar — Aziz Ansiri and Louis C.K. did surprise sets the past two years.

2. Eat Disco Fries in a Jersey diner. (I blame J.J.)

3. Drink at Foley’s Bar near Empire State Building. (Come out and drink with us Saturday night after our drafts! Although, the Tout Wars party might be Friday night. Not sure yet.)

4. Watch March Madness — and keep Emack from punching jinxy people during the Syracuse game.

5. Blog All About it For SCFE — I see a running blog or two coming out of this trip.

6. Eat Some Korean BBQ near Empire State Building — Saw on “Bizarre Foods” that New Wonjo is supposed to be really good.

Favorite NYC Pizza7. Get a Slice of NYC Pizza

8. Apologize to the Di Fino’s-es-es for Emack’s Behavior — A few years ago, we came back to the hotel inebriated, and as I was peeing for the 9,481st time, I heard a ruckus in the main room. I walked out to see Emack sideways on his bed, with his feet on the bedside table. He shoved everything else off, including the lamp. Luckily, neither of us are grumpy drunks!

9. Miss a Great NCAA Game Because I’m Flying Home

10. Hit Bar None Most Likely Again — We go here a lot, and a few years ago, we got to watch this guy in the Philly Cheesesteak place next door go nuts when he found out Matthew Berry was next door in Bar None.

11. Draft Another Championship Team!

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