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As I was considering week 9 Waiver Wire options, I was reminded of the great Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of now Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” and how appropriate it is to fantasy football.

There must be some kind of way out of here,
Said the joker to the thief,
There’s too much confusion,
I can’t get no relief.

For those who invested in the Chiefs backfield there is definitely a lot of confusion. For those who spent major draft capital on Mark Ingram, there certainly has not been a lot of relief. Or if you invested in some of the Arizona WRs like Brown or Floyd, you a certainly looking for a way out of where you are.

I would love to tell you that I have the magical solutions. Unfortunately that is not the case.

This is a “C-” week for pickups. Every one of these options might see very limited action this week. Thus I am increasing the quantity, but don’t mistake that for quality. As the thief kindly spoke, “No reason to get excited”, and that includes our first RB choice, Tim Hightower….

Week 9 Waiver Wire Additions: Running Backs

Tim Hightower, New Orleans (1.9% ESPN, 6% Yahoo)

In my preseason handcuff article, I talked about the potential of Hightower. Hightower stepped in for the fumbling Mark Ingram recently and churned out 102 yards on 26 carries against the stiff Seattle run defense (5th highest in preventing RB fantasy points). This week’s opponent, the 49ers, are not so tough having given up the 6th most RB fantasy points. If Hightower takes over for Ingram, don’t be surprised an encore performance of last year’s flourish.

Charcandrick West, Kansas City (7.3% ESPN, 9% Yahoo)

Speaking of flourishing last year, look out,it’s time for a Chark-nado!

For those scoring at home (or in a seedy motel), here’s what we got:

Spencer Ware left Sunday’s game with a concussion and might miss a game or two as he goes through the league’s concussion protocol.

Jamaal Charles is on his way to see Dr. James Andrews. When was the last time that resulted in great news of a player being able to play less than a week later?

The Chiefs are playing the Jaguars and Panthers the next two weeks who surprisingly are in the top dozen in giving up the most fantasy points to offensive players. West however is not a long-term play, nor is our next possibility.

Peyton Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1.9% ESPN, 7% Yahoo)

First and foremost, the appropriate play here is to trade for Doug Martin. But I’ve mentioned Barber before and with Jacquizz Rogers exiting with a foot injury, the situation is up for grabs. I know that Antoine Smith got a lot more snaps this past week than Barber but I would bet on Smith being a change of pace back for Tampa Bay this week. Barber was pretty good the previous week rushing for 84 yards and a touchdown on a dozen carries. With the Bucs playing Thurs night against the Falcons and their fourth ranked softest RB fantasy point defense, expect Rodgers to be unable to play and Barber to go “high and tight” versus the Falcons. Of course none of these three excite me as much as….

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans (44.1% ESPN, 48% Yahoo)


Did you see the game on Thursday? I think my favorite is around the :45 second mark when Henry just absolutely bowls over the defender. He’s a beast. He will continue to back-up Murray but no one is higher on my list to do their best Dave Johnson impersonation of being a fantasy stud during the fantasy playoffs.

If you are in the pole position to be in your playoffs, now is a good time to start grabbing those guys for your playoff run. In fact, Henry is a bit of a cheat because his ownership levels are a little higher than our usual consideration threshold. Yet the fact that is available in more than half of the leagues out there is mind-blowing to me. If for some reason he’s available in your league, he’s my A1 pick from the week 9 waiver wire.

Paul Perkins, New York Giants (ESPN 1.9%, Yahoo 2%)

I’m not sure how long it will take the Giants to realize that Perkins is the most talented player in their backfield. But if it’s soon, Perkins could be a huge asset. And with his bye behind him, Perkins should see his ownership rise.

Rob Kelley, Washington Redskins (22.9% ESPN, Yahoo 35%)

Kelley rushed for 87 rushing yards and a score. If Jones’ knee injury lingers, Kelley should be inline for more starts. Washington has a bye this week and then faces the Vikings. Jones could easily be back by the time you’d actually want to start Kelley. However, if he is not don’t be afraid to take a piece of “Fat Rob”. Since I can’t seem to resist bad jokes, you might need a “bib” to go with that….

Kapri Bibbs, Denver (8% ESPN, 7% Yahoo)

A Denver RB is often valuable. I wouldn’t even grab Bibbs in most leagues, but I’m listing him here just in case Devante Booker is not all right. That brings us to our usual weekly selection of which waiver wire target is not all right…

Week 9 Waiver Wire Don’t Even Think About it

Alfred Blue, Houston (11.2% ESPN, 15% Yahoo)

Hopefully this is just for those of you looking to handcuff Lamar Miller after Blue rushed nine times for 41 yards. Don’t be fooled. Tyler Ervin (.5% ESPN Ownership is the back you want, not Blue. Blue was facing the weak Lions defense and got stuffed on both of his carries inside the 10-yard line. He also left with a rib injury. I would probably pass on both Blue and Ervin. You’ll just have to trust me; Blue ain’t your boy.

Week 9 Waiver Wire Additions: Wide Receivers

Chris Hogan, New England (31.6% ESPN, 22% Yahoo)

See, even Chris is excited! Maybe it’s not the “scorch the earth” campaign everyone was predicting, but Tom Brady is doing just fine thank you. Yes, Gronk will get his, but I would expect Brady to involve Chris Hogan too, similar to this weekend’s 91 yards and a touchdown. Sometimes it is just about opportunity…

J.J. Nelson, Arizona Cardinals (1.2% ESPN, 3% Yahoo)

Nelson got another opportunity and JJ was of course…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

But the point remains that JJ has been dynomite and is truly explosive, racking up nearly 40 fantasy points over the last two weeks including a white hot eight-catch 79 yard and 2-TD performance this past week against the defending NFC champions. With Brown and Floyd underwhelming, Nelson could be a sneaky add.

Geronimo Allison, Green Bay (–ESPN 0% Yahoo)

This is your deep league pickup as I expect either Ty Montgomery or Randall Cobb to be back if not both. It’s such a deep pick, I had trouble finding his ownership on ESPN! Most of ESPN’s league are ten team leagues, so that might be understandable.

But that doesn’t make him less of a pick-up in a deep league. As I detailed Allison earlier this year:

Many liked Allison’s skill set—he’s quick for a receiver his size, runs good routes, and has soft mitts. The biggest concern with Allison is his strength and going to an NFL strength and conditioning program should remedy that.

I’m not sure if everything is remedied but Allison is off to a strong start as he did haul in a touchdown against Atlanta. Of course you never know with the Packers and their offensive players….the times they are a-changin’!

Need more than a few week 9 waiver wire suggestions? Still looking for other tools to help manage your team this season? Why not try My Playbook?

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