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Week 9 of Daily Fantasy Football was wonderful. DeAangelo Williams and Antonio Brown went bonkers, we hit on almost all of our picks last week, except for our tight end.

Week 10 is going to be a little tougher. My friends from the Falcons are on a bye. Will we see Landry Jones? Does this make Antonio Brown worth a start given the high price tag?

Also, this week there is going to need to be some due diligence on your part. As a writer and a casual Daily Fantasy Football player, I ask that you go to Fantasy Sports For All and take literally a few seconds and fill this out. We don’t want to lose Daily Fantasy Sports, which may even trickle down to seasonal, so please stop looking at your Starbucks cup and take a real call to action.

Well, let’s get into the Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football DraftKings Picks.

Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks


Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($6,200)

With only three yards standing in the way of breaking Brett Favre’s record, I’m rolling with Peyton Manning in a few tournament lineups this week. I look for a historic night from one of the leagues all-time best quarterbacks. Manning is strictly a tournament only play as he likes to throw that pick as much as Jay Cutler. I know the struggles have been there, but I like him given his salary.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints ($5,200)

At some point this season, the Saints decided they weren’t going to play defense and they will just outscore you. That’s a bold strategy, even for Cotton. I know it’s hard to believe, but this game has the second highest total of the day. The Saints offense on the road is not nearly as good as they are at home and that could be more time for the Saints defense out on the field.


Running Back

James White, New England Patriots at New York Giants ($3,000)

Well, speaking of tournament only picks, here is one that could win you a million dollars or crush any chance you had to win. We know Bill Belichick likes to troll the Fantasy world, but why not roll with White? When Dion Lewis was out, White was the man getting the catches, not Brandon Bolden. However, Bolden did mop up on garbage time last week against Washington. This is a sticky situation, but it’s one worth paying attention to because if it hits, you can make your checks payable to yours truly.

Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings at Oakland Raiders ($7,100)

Finally, a spot to spend money. I expect Peterson to be heavily used in cash games. We know what De’Angelo Williams did last week, however, the Vikings don’t have Antonio Brown and I expect Oakland to “try” to eliminate Peterson and force Teddy Bridgewater to beat them. If Stefon Diggs gets going early, this may open up things for Peterson.


Wide Receiver

Julian Edelman, New England Patriots at New York Giants ($8,200)

Edelman will be my favorite receiver of the slate. I will have him in most lineups and you should too. We have seen the Giants secondary get torched as of late by the likes of Mike Evans and Willie Snead. The great thing about the Patriots is that they are honey badgers and they don’t care about the score, so the starters will play longer than necessary.

Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings at Oakland Raiders ($5,100)

We expect Teddy Bridgewater to play on Sunday. This is a good thing for Diggs as Teddy turns to him for all things passing. Hopefully, recency bias will play into Diggs’ ownership on Sunday and if he can give us just half of what Antonio Brown did last week, we will take it.

Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos vs.  ($7,300)

Last time versus the Chiefs, Emmanuel Sanders grabbed eight receptions for 87 and two touchdowns. I really like the Broncos receivers who are at home this week against the Chiefs who are 32nd against wide receivers. You can also play Demaryius Thomas for only $100 more. I like both Denver receivers this weekend.

Ed Note: Sanders may not play tonight. The pivot is Thomas here for $100 more and he becomes one of the best options this week.


Tight End

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints ($4,600)

The Saints rank 31st against the tight end position and well, quite frankly, there is no “D” in New Orleans. Last week Reed didn’t do much, but since it was against the Patriots we will give him a pass. However, the week before against Tampa Bay, he caught 11 balls. We are going to stick with Reed this week because his last name is not Gronkowski.



Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams vs. Chicago Bears  ($7,300)

Gurley at home versus the Bears?! What is this wizardry? The Bears are 11th against the running back position, but I have a sneaking suspicion that their ranking will change. Over the last four games, Gurley has had no less than 19 carries and last week against Minnesota he had 24 carries. What this tells me is that the Rams could care less what the match-up is, Gurley is getting the damn ball!



Philadelphia Eagles ($2,700)

It seems like every week the Eagles are scoring points defensively. They are Denver light, at least as far as a scoring defense goes. In their last four games, they have scored 12, 7, 19 and 14 points, respectively. We will take that!

Other things of Note

  • The Thursday night game should be interesting. Once again, get into some games, but temper your expectations on the Bills and Jets players. I’m staying off of Sammy Watkins this week due to Darrelle Revis and I expect a letdown from last week. I do like Eric Decker a good bit on Thursday, however, the days of $4,100 are long gone. There is still not enough offense for me to start players on Thursday.
  • There are plenty of cheap quarterbacks with high upside again this week. Of course we love Cousins, but Blake Bortles, Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford and Derek Carr are all under $6,000.
  • If you want to spend for a quarterback, I love Aaron Rodgers this week. With value plays such as James White, Brandon LaFell and Davante Adams, you should be able to fit Rodgers in. Once again, I like the Broncos and Vernon Davis is $2,500 bucks.
  • The death of the mid-tier running backs is alive and well. For me, the only running backs I want are Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley. Anyone other than that is a dart throw, save for Darren McFadden.

Hopefully, my Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football DraftKings Picks will help propel you to victory!

As always, if I did well please follow me on Twitter. If I did not do well my name is Matthew Berry.

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