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A moment of silence for the Chicago Bears defense after Jameis Winston absolutely embarrassed them. Fear not Bears defense, the offense was just as horrid.

Yes, a game after the Bears and Jay Cutler were riding high, they came crashing down back to earth against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cutler looks as up-and-down as he always has, but at owners were excited about the return of Doug Martin for the Bucs. See even this game had a silver lining.

Speaking of falling back down to earth, David Johnson looks almost human all of a sudden. Yes, he did score two touchdowns, but defenses are keying in on him and stopping him. Over the past two games, he has averaged less than three yards per carry.

Now, by no means should you bench him — he still scores. The perfect example of Fantasy production and NFL reality being two completely different things. If owners want to look at the reality of another situation, it looks like Matt Jones has lost his starting job in D.C. Drop him.

Week 10 Fantasy Football Storylines

Let’s take a look at the Week 10 Fantasy Football storylines.

Second Half Success

25 TDs and 2 INTs — That was Russell Wilson’s stat line for the second half of 2015. This season started slow for Wilson, posting only seven touchdowns in eight games. That was until Sunday night.

Wilson came out against the New England Patriots in Foxboro and showed the world why he is one of the best in the game. He outdueled Tom Brady, passing for 348 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Owners had to be frustrated with Wilson’s slow start but he has shown in the past that he gets significantly better as the season goes on. Do not expect anything different this year. He looks healthy and the offensive line finally looks to be getting a push in the running game.

A fairly easy second half makes Wilson look all the more attractive and owners can finally stop worrying about if they should play him or not. Play him every week from now on.

Mariota Madness

Mariota has been one of the better quarterback options the past four weeks. He has 12 touchdowns to just two interceptions and he has 1,110 passing yards. Add in his ability to pick up yards, and points for your team, on the ground and Mariota has to be one of the “sexy” players as owners gear up for the playoffs.

With defenses trying to stop Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry, Mariota has taken advantage. Now he will have  games against the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts will be an excellent time to start him. Playing those soft defenses will be fantasy gold for your team.

It may be hard to trust him against the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs but Mariota can still be a great quarterback for your team. Do not let those two games scare you away, odds are if Mariota is on the waivers you will have someone to play over him.

He is owned in roughly 88% of leagues, so if he is still floating around in your league pick him up.

Rapid Fire

I do not care that the scoreboard says 20-17 the Kansas City offense is bad. Really bad. Alex Smith kept missing throws and generally could not do anything unless the receiver was wide open. Yes I do know that there was a lot of drops but this team’s passing game cannot be relied on. Looking at you who are still clinging onto Travis Kelce for some reason.

Speaking of bad offense, the Carolina Panthers struggled to run the ball yet again. Johnathan Stewart averaged three yards a carry. Take away a two game stretch where he scored two touchdowns in each game and he is not even a starter. Bench him.

Hey Cam Newton, stop dabbing and start playing some football. Sorry, back to Fantasy Football.

C’mon, Trevor Siemian how do you look bad against the New Orleans Saints? Yes the Denver Broncos did win the game but there where stretches where Siemian looked horrid. Chalk it up to part o-line play, part Siemian. I was high on him early now he is a bench player at best.

St. Louis Rams vs. New York Jets. Actually, I will just move on.

Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler, and Jay Cutler is bad. Never buy into one game hype.

Doug Martin returned and had an average day. Nothing special, but owners who held onto him should be happy, as he is worked back into the offense (yes, I know he averaged about 2 YPC).

Besides Stephon Diggs, give up on the Minnesota Vikings.

That is it for this week if you have any questions or need advice leave a comment below or tweet at me.

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Robert is currently a student at the University of Kansas. He has been a Fantasy Football writer for three years and still believes that Eddie Lacy is a top-three running back. Follow him on Twitter for any questions or article suggestions.
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