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Once again, we posted the “So-Called Fantasy” Staff’s Week 10 Rankings on Tuesday, and this article is meant to take a deeper look at the Week 10 Quarterback rankings specifically. We have different writers looking at the different positions, sharing which players they think are ranked too low or too high.

This week, we’re getting back the quarterbacking talents of Carson Palmer, Russell Wilson and Matthew Stafford, along with Brian Hoyer, Alex Smith and Joe Flacco.

But we’re losing Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan, although, Ryan is already someone you should consider cutting from your team entirely, according to SCFE writer John LaPresto.

Some interesting stat notes over the past five weeks:

  • Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Philip Rivers are head and shoulders above everyone else in Fantasy points, with Eli Manning close behind. But the big surprise was Blake Bortles coming in fifth, scoring over 20 Fantasy points per game – in just four games, too.
  • Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers are all outside the top 15 quarterbacks. At least Rodgers has the excuse that he’s been playing stellar defenses.

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Quarterback Week 10 Rankings Reaction

This is where I look at some of the interesting spots some players ended up getting ranked, with an explanation as to why I like or dislike that player compared to my ranking ranking.


Who I Like More

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati vs. Houston

It always blows my mind how dumb the NFL is when they prepare the schedules. Dalton and his teammates played last Thursday, so they’ll have an 11-day rest before this game against the Texans – in Cincinnati. The Texans themselves are coming off a bye, but that advantage they’d normally get coming off a bye is negated by the Bengals’ long time off. They did this earlier this season with the Steelers and Patriots at different times, too, I believe.


Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals at Seattle

It’s obviously a tough matchup for the Cardinals’ passing game, but considering the Seahawks rank just third overall in holding QBs to low Fantasy points, behind the Rams and Cardinals. Palmer and Co. are coming off a bye week themselves (then again, so is Seattle), but the Cardinals have the best passing game in all the land. Over the past four weeks, Palmer has thrown 10 passing touchdowns, and he now has three above-average wide receivers at the top of their game.

Seattle’s pass defense is excellent, but Andy Dalton and the Bengals torched them for 331 passing yards and two touchdowns in Week 5. Besides Dalton, Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers, the rest of Seattle’s opposing QBs have been below average (Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, Colin Kaepernick and Brandon Weeden).


Who I Like Less

Kirk Cousins, Washington vs. New Orleans

I do like Cousins for Daily Fantasy Football for this matchup because of his cost and the fact others might steer clear of him in tournament play. But I’d prefer a different starter in my yearly league. And outside of one game against the Buccaneers in Week 7, Cousins has thrown just ONE touchdown pass in the seven other games, with nine interceptions.


Matthew Stafford, Detroit at Green Bay

Much like Cousins, Stafford just hasn’t done enough regularly to make me think he’s a good start this week. He has four games above 20 Fantasy points, and four under 15 points. He had a stinker against the Packers last year in Week 3, but a good game in Week 17. Again, that inconsistency has me steering away from him.


Don’t forget to check out our other position rankings reactions when they’re published! Good luck in the second-to-last bye week!

Hopefully, our Week 10 Quarterback Rankings Reaction article helped you make some good decisions for your lineups!

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