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Welcome back for another edition of the Rookie Report. Was your Sunday as rough as mine?

You’re right, probably not. I watched my Giants implode once again in late game situations and lose another heartbreaker. This is why I can’t go to big Giants games in person, I’m too afraid to have my heart ripped out.

On top of the Giants loss to the Patriots, of all teams, most of my rookies didn’t deliver too many great performances. Rookies will have their ups and downs, which probably contributed to some of the lack of production.

But lack of chances was also to blame. Or too many chances. We had a few guys who had too much of the offense put on their shoulders which caused some problems. Others just didn’t get the touches they needed to put their usual mark on the game.

Let’s see how everyone did in the Week 11 Rookie Report.

Week 11 Rookie Report



Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What have I been saying all season? When Jameis throws the ball 30-plus times, nothing good happens. And I was proven correct again. I’m not sure why Lovie Smith isn’t reading my articles, but clearly I’ve uncovered something that no one in Tampa has. The resurgent Doug Martin got 18 carries but he wasn’t as effective as those who have Jameis on their team would like.

His final passing stat line for the day was 22-for-39 for 264 and two INTs. With the lack of a running game, Jameis tried to force the ball down field to make some plays and so far in his young career that hasn’t worked out. Sadly this snaps a great run that saw him avoid throwing an INT for four straight weeks. The silver lining of the day was his continued Cam Newton impression around the goal line, scoring a rushing touchdown for the third week in row. Doug Martin isn’t a bruising back and the Buccaneers don’t seem to trust Charles Sims much, which leaves those goal line touches to Winston. And that can make up for some of the turnovers.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

And what did I say last week? The real test is when Mariota faces a tougher defense in Carolina and that I didn’t think things are going to end particularly well. I’m paraphrasing, but I could recite it verbatim if I wanted.

Anyway, things went about as well as I expected with Mariota. He ended the day going 16-for-24 for 185 yards and an interception. Similar to Winston, there were some promising signs that Mariota may be on the move more in the coming weeks. He had five rushes for 24 yards, which matches his season high for carries. This week’s performance does fit right into to his up and down pattern of production. He’s definitely been having some rookie struggles, but when he matches up with a bad defense, he’s a pretty solid bet to produce. And when he faces a good defense, keep him on your bench.


Running Back

Jeremy Langford, Chicago Bears

God this is boring. When Todd Gurley continues to lead the… wait, we’ve got a challenger to the top rookie running back crown! And his name is John Cena!

No, no it’s not. His name is Jeremy Langford. I could forgive you if you thought he was Matt Forte out there with the way he played on Sunday. Last week Langford filled in admirably for Forte, but this week Langford made no one miss Forte, by compiling a huge stat line. On the ground he rushed 20 times for 73 yards and a touchdown against an impressive Rams front seven. That’s enough for a solid day but he also went out there and caught seven passes for 109 yards and another touchdown. And that is what makes for a monster day. We’re not sure how long Forte is out, and that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Bears as Langford looks extremely capable as a back up, so play him with confidence for the rest of the year.

Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams

In a surprise turn of events, Gurley didn’t completely dominate a Bears defense ranked 25th in the league. Gurley only got 12 carries for 45 yards and a touchdown. He also added three receptions for another 44 yards, but 85 total yards for the day isn’t what we were looking for out of him.

The Rams got blown out by the Bears and being down by so much forced their hand to shift the game plan to more of an air focused attack. Still, Gurley is a stud and you should have plenty of faith in him going forward. Add in the fact that the Rams have benched Nick Foles and are going with Case Keenum, the offense should lean heavily on Todd Gurley this week.

Matt Jones, Washington Redskins

My early season darling has returned! And his big play potential is still there. It seems that Matt Jones is best in small bursts and his stats this week proved that. 11 carries for 52 yards was nice but his 131 receptions and one touchdown on three receptions made his day one to remember.

He has been the big play threat to compliment the steady ground and pound game of Alfred Morris. If Washington continues to involve him in the passing game with screen passes and quick hitters out of the backfield, he could be a late season pick up steal.


Wide Receiver

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders

Just another day at the office for Mr. Cooper. While his team got knocked around, he continued to show NFL defenses are no match for him. He ended his day with five receptions for 79 yards and with his team being down big, you’d expect his receiving numbers to be a bit bigger. However, when your team only has one real receiving threat, the defense can key on your big play threat. Still, Cooper is a good play each and every week with Derek Carr throwing the ball his way.

He’s also caught a touchdown pass every other week this year, which means you can pencil one in for him this week.

Until the next installment of the Rookie Report, keep charging for that coveted playoff spot. Be sure to use the below articles to help you annihilate the competition.

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