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The Week 13 value plays at quarterback on FanDuel are meant to help you set your Daily Fantasy Football lineup in such a way that brings you optimum value.

What I mean by this is you might be able to find a quarterback that’s expected to put up more points this week, but he might come at a higher cost.

You might also be able to find cheaper quarterbacks, but they won’t come with as many projected Fantasy points. So what we do, basically, is try to find you the best values. The quarterbacks with the best price expected to post the best numbers for that price.

Even if you look at it from a dollars-per-FanDuel-points perspective, that can be tricky. For instance, if you get a quarterback that delivers 0.00243 FanDuel points per salary dollar spent, compared to a QB delivering 0.00238 FanDuel points per salary dollar, one would think the first player is the way to go. But if that first player costs $7,300, and the second costs just $6,900, you might be better off with that second player, who will score 1.3 fewer points, but costs you $400 less.

Then, you can turn around and take that $400 and spend it on a higher-priced wide receiver or running back you’ve had your eye on!

3 Value Plays at Quarterback on FanDuel

We picked these three quarterbacks for your FanDuel cash games lineups! These three QBs are good plays considering their prices and their matchups in Week 13.

Brock Osweiler, Denver at San Diego ($6,900): I’m not quite ready to anoint him as Peyton Manning’s permanent replacement, but he has thrown four touchdown passes and just two interceptions in the past three games in Manning’s steed. But the Chargers defense has given up 300-yard passing games to three of the past four quarterbacks they’ve faced, including Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler and Blake Bortles.

Ryan Tannehill, Miami vs. Baltimore ($7,300): The Ravens rank 30th against Fantasy quarterbacks, and Tannehill has seven touchdown passes in his past three games. He quietly has posted three 300-yard games in the past five contests, too.

Jay Cutler, Chicago vs. San Francisco ($7,000): While the 49ers defense held Carson Palmer and the vaunted Cardinals offense to no touchdown passes, they had given up three touchdown passes to Russell Wilson the week before. They’re inconsistent, and Cutler should take advantage of that.



3 Quarterbacks to Avoid on FanDuel

This trio of quarterbacks are players you should stay away from for the upcoming weekend of NFL action. Some of these players might be worth a contrarian play in a GPP tournament, but for the most part, they’re players to avoid. I discuss how to pick contrarian players for tournaments here on FanDuel Insider.

Tom Brady, New England vs. Philadelphia ($9,400): Once again, Brady ranks as one of the two most expensive players on FanDuel this week, but his offense has just taken too many hits, including Rob Gronkowski going down with a knee injury last week. He’ll still put up good numbers – but not most-expensive-QB kinda numbers.

Carson Palmer, Arizona at St. Louis ($7,900): As hot as Palmer was, he put up a weak number against the 49ers, and now he faces a Rams defense that has seen problems recently, but still rank fourth against quarterbacks. He did stumble into for a touchdown run Sunday, but he’s the sixth-most expensive quarterback on the weekend.

Drew Brees, New Orleans vs. Carolina ($7,700): In his past two games, Brees has thrown just two TD passes, three interceptions and he has averaged about 215 passing yards. The Panthers are studs against the pass, and they have allowed just two touchdown passes in their past three games. Finally, they held Brees to no touchdown passes in Week 3.

Hopefully, these Week 13 Value Plays at quarterbacks will help you in both your 50/50 games and your GPP tournaments on FanDuel, or whichever Daily Fantasy Football site you play on!

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