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Go ahead, skip down to the future dynasty picks, I won’t be insulted. But perhaps we should talk a little about dynasty leagues first?

I was under the false impression that people don’t do dynasty leagues because they are not knowledgeable enough. But I was wrong.

Our in-house message boards here at SCFE were abuzz this weekend. Amongst the griping about the devastation Drew Brees wrought upon various teams; whether leagues were set up properly to account for the Chiefs two-point score; and Dennis Pitta’s impact on DFS this weekend all were interesting topics, but one topic stood out to me the most. One of our writers, whom I respect very much, cast aspersions on dynasty Fantasy Football leagues. He, and I quote, didn’t “get the appeal.”

I was shocked. There are certainly reasons not to do dynasty leagues. For one, when an owner lands a cornerstone like Ezekiel Elliott, they can be tough to beat for multiple years in a row. Dynasty leagues also require more work. Coupled with that, if you play other Fantasy sports, it fractures your attention to Fantasy sports even further. On top of that, a miserable season is erased in a redraft league, but the effects of poor decisions can linger for years. There also exists even less uniformity to dynasty leagues than redraft leagues, which if nothing else can make finding a site or a new site for your league difficult.

But I love dynasty football leagues. So here are a couple reasons to play dynasty football, and of course for those who need no convincing, I’ve provided a look at some of the likely first round picks in a dynasty league.

Future Dynasty Picks And Why You Should Care

Reasons To Play Dynasty Football

It’s Never Over

When you are playing in a redraft season and your season becomes a “lost season,” it’s over. There’s not much you can do. At best, you might be playing in your league’s “toilet bowl.” Even if your league allows you to make free agent pick-ups, why bother? Odds are you can’t trade either. And those guys with season ending injuries? They’re worthless. But in a dynasty league, you can always start rebuilding. Those injured players might be the difference between winning and losing next year. It’s never really “over.”



And even as the confetti rains down on the Super Bowl field and the NFL season concludes, the dynasty football season goes continues on, even in the “offseason.”


Even More Football!

Every year when football ends, I feel like there is something missing from my life. But with a dynasty league, there is always something to consider or study. There is no such thing as an “offseason” in dynasty football. For addicts like me, this means football for the entire year! Football, oh glorious football.

Even if this past year was a disappointment, hope springs eternal. Of course there is the flip side….


And I won’t lie to you. The hope of a future championship in a dynasty league will drive you crazy. You’re chasing ghosts. But ghosts of the future. Few things can erase the clouds of yesterday’s miserable season like an off-season trade that brings sunny new prospects onto your team.

Because nothing gets a dynasty football player more excited than future potential. And with that in mind, plus bowl season being a little over a week away, here is an extremely early look at future dynasty picks.


2016 Future Dynasty Picks

First off, let’s be clear that this upcoming draft class is very defense heavy. That might be great for IDPers but not so much for the majority of us. Secondly, we’re not even into “bowl season” yet. The future dynasty picks of today could be the fools gold tomorrow. But there are at least seven players one should be considering if he/she had a first round pick in a dynasty draft, starting with the jewel of this year’s class.

Running Back

Leonard Fournette, LSU

Fournette is this year’s Ezekiel Elliott.

Scratch that. Elliott was the kind of talent meeting opportunity chance that comes around about once a decade. It’s not happening this year. But Fournette has the talent and moves to be something special if he lands on the right team. If I had to pick a stud future dynasty pick right now, he’s the one I would grab. Watch both the speed and tackle-breaking ability below and see if you don’t agree.


There’s also some reasons to consider Dalvin Cook (Florida State) who some like better than Fournette. However, he has some ball security issues I want to be sure he is past before I spend a first round dynasty pick on him. Some compare Christian McCaffery (Stanford) to Reggie Bush. I agree with the comparison, but that demonstrates the level of which to expect. I would prefer the upside of a franchise quarterback.


Mitch Trubinsky, Michigan

At QB, the options are even thinner. Mitch Trubinsky and DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame) are likely first round QBs and have a high upside, but don’t even have the basement that Carson Wentz has. Deshaun Watson is another potential NFL first rounder but his accuracy has declined this year and he’s made some poor decisions with the ball. But if you have the luxury to gamble on upside alone (perhaps steal him in your second round), Watson is not a bad choice for your dynasty team, especially given that he has led Clemson to a BCS bowl.

Meanwhile, every time I read scouting reports on Trubinsky I think of Brett Favre. He has a tendency to spray the ball all over the field, for better and worse. But also like Favre, he has the intangible moxie that you like in your signal caller.

DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame

Of course, every time I hear Kizer, all I can think of is this…


And the irony of it is that one of the first lines of that movie is “I can’t feel my legs….Kaiser.” That applies to Kizer as well. Should he not succeed with his legs, I’m not sure he will succeed with his arm alone in the NFL. Of course, he could go the Terrell Pryor route. Kizer also has not had some of the weapons that Watson had, which brings us to WRs.


Wide Receiver

One of the differences between a dynasty league and even keeper leagues is that reliable wide receivers are often what separates the contenders and pretenders. With that in mind, if I could not get Fournette, I’d be looking to grab one of the three wide receivers below.

Mike Williams, Clemson

What? Another Mike Williams at wide receiver? His nomen predecessors will not be in the Hall of Fame. But I think this Mike Williams will produce more like the one from Syracuse than the one from USC. Williams has rebounded nicely this year after missing all but 12 snaps last year. He hasn’t missed a beat as the aforementioned Watson’s go-to-guy. I do love receivers that can also carry defenders like a RB. Watch the third highlight below…

John Ross, Washington

Another option might be the deep burner who has helped the Huskies qualify for the college “championship playoff” (ignore my eye roll), John Ross. An amazing deep threat, but it might be his ODB-like hands that are the most exciting.

I also would be happy to gamble on Corey Davis from Western Michigan. Davis has great YAC ability, excels at route-running and has superb body control. He makes for a better PPR pick as he projects as a short and intermediate threat at the next level, but he has just enough downfield ability to round out his draft portfolio.


If I was making a cheat sheet of future dynasty picks, Fournette would top the list followed by the three receivers above and then a big gap before anyone else.

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