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If you’re checking out our Week 15 Fantasy Football rankings that probably means you’ve made it into the semifinals of your Fantasy league’s playoffs. (That is, unless you’ve somehow locked yourself into some weird league that still has a Week 17 Championship Game.)

So first – congrats on making it into the Fantasy Final Four!

Now, let’s get you into the championship game. You think no one remembers second place? Try remembering who lost in the Final Four of your Fantasy league last year!

For the second week in a row, all 32 NFL teams will be playing, which means we have a full slate for rankings at each position. But there is one little twist that could jump out and screw you up:


That’s right, not only do two teams play Thursday night (Los Angeles at Seattle), but two more teams play Saturday night in Week 15. Since college football is essentially on hiatus after the conference championship games and before the bowl games begin, the NFL has a special Saturday night game as the Miami Dolphins visit the N.Y. Jets. (I didn’t promise it was going to be a barnburner.)

So make sure set those players in (or out!) of your starting lineups before that Saturday night deadline!

SCFE’s Staff Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

With just a couple weeks left in the Fantasy regular season, the Week 15 Fantasy Football rankings from the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” will help get you into the Fantasy championship game!

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