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Welcome to the Week 16 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets article.  This week features two former All-Stars who have resurrected their careers later in this season.

In other news, the Suns fired Jeff Hornacek this past week, which should have some fantasy implications for the whole Phoenix team.  This looks like an overhaul rebuild operation in Phoenix, and typically teams like this end up tossing the season and letting the young guys get a chance.  Some of this had been happening even before the firing of Hornacek, so look for them to extend their rotation to see what they have on the roster.

A look back and our predictions were valid; the faster paced offense has paid dividends for the Cavaliers.  Simple logic tells you that when a team takes more shots per game, someone has to take those shots. The biggest beneficiary so far is Kevin Love, which may cool some of the trade rumors around Love.

While trade rumors are bound to be swarming this time of the year, we know that only a fraction will pan out.  Even so, keep track of the more prominent ones because a players value can change drastically following a trade.

It’s become too easy to break the 50-percent rule, maybe we have a problem, but there is one more mulligan player from this batch.  Otherwise, all players included are owned in less than 50 percent of Fantasy Basketball Leagues.


Week 16 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets

Norris Cole, PG/SG, New Orleans Pelicans (24.8 Percent Owned)

If half of the trade rumors surrounding the injury-prone Pelicans play out, it will be a revamped offense for sure.  These injuries have shuffled the rotation on a weekly basis, but Norris Cole is coming across court time pretty frequently.  Who knows what will happen to the Pelicans over the next couple weeks, but it could impact Cole in a very positive way.

Over his last five games, Cole is averaging over 15 points per game and is dishing out almost seven assists.  He is even bringing in four rebounds, which is rare for a point guard.  Numbers like that don’t fly under the radar for long and because trade season might benefit him as well, he should be looked at in all leagues.

Zach LaVine, PG/ SG, (56.5 Percent)

With the luck most Timberwolves players have had on this column, LaVine will probably be relevant for a couple weeks before falling down the rotation for another shake-up.  Some of these young players will have to step up more for the Timberwolves and LaVine is looking potent, so I think he could be a safe bet for an extended run with the team.

It’s actually been a decent string of games where LaVine is proving proficient.  Still, looking at his last five,

Luol Deng, SF, Miami Heat (25.2 Percent)

It’s been a resurrection for Luol Deng in the last few games, albeit at a smaller clip than All Star Deng from the past.  Before, Deng was a multifaceted weapon, grabbing rebounds and scoring points while playing great defense.  Injuries and overuse may have slowed him down, but he is looking rested and Even so, he may warrant consideration in a lot of leagues due to his potential ceiling and ability to help all over.

Deng is notching 15 points per game over his last five, while grabbing five rebounds and over two assists at the same time.  He has lost a little of his defensive threat but he may make up for it with savvy veteran plays later on.  As long as Deng stays healthy, refreshed and relevant in Miami’s rotation, he will be worth grabbing while he is still available.

Aaron Gordon, SF/PF, Orlando Magic (41.2 Percent)

Aaron Gordon is being handed some playing time in Orlando and he is making an interesting case for consistent playing time moving forward.  The young, athletic wingman grabs rebounds like a big man, and is finding a little more success on the scoring end as well.  Look for a young Magic squad to feature increasing minutes for their promising young forward.

Gordon has taken care of the hard part, averaging over ten rebounds over his last five games.  He is averaging over ten points in that time as well, but he has been an inconsistent scorer as well.  Even so, he is very likely to grab plenty of double-doubles for the rest of the season, and those aren’t easy to come by on the waiver wire.

Amare Stoudemire, PF, Miami Heat (10.3 Percent)

Amare Stoudemire has resurrected his career in Miami as well, and maybe the rest has done him well.  He isn’t remarkably old, but he has dealt with a litany of injuries throughout his career that seem to be taking their toll.  This still makes Stoudemire an injury risk, as well as a prime candidate to be rested in busy parts of the schedule.  However, for the time being, he can be a big addition to your team in points and rebounds.

Over eight rebounds per game and double digit scoring in three of his last five sound a little like old-school Stoudemire.  Unfortunately he won’t reach the level that he used to play at, and he won’t get the minutes needed anyway, but he is contributing enough right now to be utilized in a lot of Fantasy Basketball formats.

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