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Are you playing Daily Fantasy Football now? I mean you won the ‘chip so why not spend some of that season-long league money on daily, because after all you are probably the type of person who wins the lottery and heads to the casino.

Week 17 is always tricky. Who is in? Who is out? Are they only going to play a half? Do they suit up and not play? All of these are great questions when it comes to Week 17.

This week, in addition to the above questions, I look at who can set records. Julio Jones and Blake Bortles stand out as the two most likely to break records.

For general stacks this week, I will be looking at Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Jacksonville.

Ok, let’s talk about the plays this week. Some will be very obvious, but I think they are worth noting and as you can see here, my colleagues and I are on the same page.


Week 17 Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks


Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints ($5,500)

Ok, the premise is simple, start quarterbacks against the Saints. Matt Ryan has done everyone dirty this year, but a game against the Saints is just what the doctor ordered. Now, I mentioned records and they mostly involve Julio Jones but guess who will be delivering the mail?

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans ($6,700)

Blake Bortles has been great all year. Mainly, because he has been trailing in almost every game. He can break a few records as well. None that are significant, but records nonetheless. According to Pro Football Focus he can break Drew Brees’ records of length of completed passes when the sun is North by Northwest, it’s cloudy in Texas, the wind is blowing at 3 mph and grandma’s cookies are done baking. (Seriously, just click the link.)


Running Back (seriously screw this position, again)

Rashad Jennings, New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($3,700)

Better late than never. Jennings seems to be getting the majority of the carries now. Of course, it’s way too late in the season for the Giants and for seasonal leagues, but that’s why I love Daily Fantasy Football so much. Guys like Jennings are in play even when he wasn’t worth a start all year in seasonal leagues.

C.J. Anderson, Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers ($3,700)

We are going to go cheap at running back this week because we really want to load up on pass catchers. Denver still has plenty to play for and the Chargers do not. It is because of this that we like Anderson. I expect Denver to run it a bit more than usual just so they can get the game over with and prep for more important things.


Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns ($9,300) (Does it matter?)

I can see why there is no price bump. Brown let everyone down. I mean 13 points is ok, say if I started Justin Hardy at a minimum salary. I’m going back to well this week with my bff. Pittsburgh still has something to play for as well.

Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($9,000)

Let’s see how the suspension affected the media’s best player ever. I guess, I’m part of that media now as well. Personally, I think Beckham comes out fired up and shows the world that he has moved on. It will be interesting to see if the Eagles try to ruffle Beckham’s feathers. Of course, there is no “D” in Eagles, so there’s that.

Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints  ($8,500)

Julio Jones. Julio bleeping Jones needs 17 catches and 242 yards to break most catches and yards in a season. I know it’s a long shot, but quite frankly it’s against the worse defense. EVER. I watched Antonio Brown do this earlier this year, so it’s not impossible.


Tight End

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants ($3,600)

Get this, Ertz has had 30, that’s right 30 targets in his last two games. While he’s no Jordan Reed, I’ll take that kind of action all day and twice on Sundays.



Brice Butler, Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins ($3,000)

To make all these stud receivers fit, we have to get value somewhere. I present you Brice Butler. While he’s not a household name, he doesn’t have to compete with Dez Bryant for touches. He led the team in targets last week with nine. Cole Beasley is questionable, but really isn’t everyone? If Beasley doesn’t go, Butler gets a severe upgrade in this practice squad game, as the Redskins have nothing to play for.



Pittsburgh Steelers ($3,500)

While the Steelers D has been destroyed lately, I like them versus “Rock me,” Austin Davis! Austin Davis, Austin Davis! Just think of the song Amadeus and then it all makes sense. I like stacking Brown with the Steelers Defense in hopes of the double rainbow!


That wraps up my Daily Fantasy Football picks for Week 17. Enjoy 2016!

As always, if I did well please follow me on Twitter. If I did not do well my name is Matthew Berry.

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