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Welcome to the Week 17 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Addition article.  This week’s article looks at targets available before and during the All-Star Weekend events.

All-Star Weekend is a serious benchmark in the NBA season, and could be important to your fantasy season too.  Playoff teams will look to rest some of the older players more frequently after this weekend, opening up some time for deeper rotation players.

Plenty of players have marked this weekend as their return from injury, and some may be available in your league.  Al Jefferson, Brandon Knight and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are all returning after the break and should be picked up if available on the waiver wire.

Keep track of how your league manages the All-Star Weekend, most leagues turn the weekly matchup into two weeks with a break. However it is set up, it could change the value of short term additions.

We have continued with the trend of one mulligan player barely over 50 percent owned, but the rest of the players featured should be available on the waiver wire in over 50 percent of leagues.

Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets

Jamal Crawford, SG, Los Angeles Clippers (52.1 Percent Owned)

Jamal Crawford scores points in bundles, and in most seasons is fantasy gold.  For some reason, the Clippers bench has become black hole of production, and Crawford has suffered with the rest of the team.  Lately we’ve seen Crawford get hot, like we are used to, and he can be a big source of points and three pointers.

Crawford is averaging over 20 points per game over his last five, with his lowest scoring total being 18.  Those definitely sound like Crawford numbers.  He can chip in a few assists and rebounds most nights, but be honest with yourself, if you are picking up Crawford, it’s for points and three pointers.

Gerald Henderson, SG/SF, Portland Trailblazers (11.2 Percent)

Minutes have been tough to come by for any Trailblazers guard not named McCollum or Lillard.  Henderson joined the team this offseason via trade and has provided some scoring off the bench.  He has amped his performances up over recent weeks to levels that should be considered in many fantasy leagues.

Henderson is averaging almost 14 points over his last five games, and that’s looking very consistent.  He is also averaging five rebounds, which is solid for a guard-eligible player.  He looks locked into his role and should be a solid waiver wire target to help you for the rest of the season.

Stanley Johnson, SF, Detroit Pistons (34.7 Percent)

There are only a select few rookies that enter the league and immediately perform consistently.  For the most part, there is a feeling out process.  Stanley Johnson was a highly-touted rookie due to his fit in the Pistons scheme and his overall talent.  Maybe Johnson has hammered out some consistency later in the season, or at least enough to be a serviceable fantasy option, but he has been performing well lately.

Johnson is averaging over 12 points per game over the last two weeks, albeit at a very up-and-down rate.  He is bringing down close to eight rebounds per game as well, which is above average for a small forward.  He is worth taking the occasional bad night for his upside and overall production.

Jared Dudley, SF, Washington Wizards (26.6 Percent)

Jared Dudley wasn’t affected by the return of Nene Hilario, as the Wizards have elected to follow the small ball trend and play Dudley at the power forward position.  That means Dudley will be looking at around 30 minutes per night, and the veteran will know what to do with that time.

Dudley has averaged just below ten points per contest over his last five, while grabbing over three rebounds as well.  He can help out with assists as well, at a much smaller clip though.  His calling card is his three-point shooting, and he doesn’t look to be digressing too much for the rest of the season.

Doug McDermott, SF, Chicago Bulls (4 Percent)

Doug McDermott is a pickup option in mostly deeper leagues, but if jumped on quickly could be a very thrifty waiver wire addition.  We know that Jimmy Butler is injured, and could miss the rest of the fantasy season.  McDermott may not be the instant replacement in the lineup, but he can score and that is worth something to a team like the Bulls.

McDermott is averaging 13 points over his last five games, and those numbers could go up as he gets more comfortable with his role.  You might get three rebounds out of him, but his assist numbers are definitely a liability.  In his last five, he has one total assist.  Again, this may improve as his role becomes comfortable in his role, but he should still be grabbed up early before his points entice others in your league.

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