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This is it – our Week 17 Fantasy Football rankings will bring the Fantasy regular season to a close.

Granted, you’ll still be able to play Daily Fantasy Football throughout the NFL Playoffs, but you’re just not going to have as many options as this week.

Week 17 really does get a bad rap, though. A lot of people hate on it because playoff-bound NFL teams with home-field clinched up might sit their superstars (we’re looking at you, Antonio Brown).

And NFL head coaches do weird things in the final week because their team might be eliminated and they’d like to get a closer look at a rookie before next season.

But here are a few reasons why Week 17 is actually awesome:

  1. All 32 NFL teams play on Sunday – there’s no Thursday game and there’s no Monday night game. That makes the NFL Red Zone channel a whole lot of fun! There’s no other week like this during the season!
  2. Since some unknowns do get to play, you can take advantage of that and prosper in some DFS tournaments because of the variety!

SCFE’s Staff Week 17 Fantasy Football Rankings

It’s the last week of the Fantasy regular season, and the Week 17 Fantasy Football rankings from the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” will help you go out a champion!

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