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Week 2 DFS Picks: The Billion Dollar Perfect Entry?

Week 2 DFS picks
Photo Credit: Matt Brown

You might want to read my Week 2 DFS picks because I’m now richer thanks to Draft King’s Billion Dollar Entry Pool!

Well, I’m not retiring just yet. I finished within the top 25K out of the 700K-plus entries which netted me an entire dollar! Don’t worry, I probably won’t spend it all in one place.

That’s the kind of DFS week it was as most of the studs failed to find the end zone. On the passing side alone there were only 38 TD passes compared to last year’s first week total of 48 TD passes.

Week 1 wasn’t horrible, but let’s jump to the week 2 DFS picks.

Week 2 DFS Picks

Week 2 DFS Picks Cash Game Recommendation

Brandin Cooks, WR, New England Patriots (FD-$7,900; DK-$8,200)

A number of easy QB picks this week, with the easiest being Tom Brady ($7,900). We know what happens when Tommy and Billy get embarrassed and pissed. However, we did QB last week, so let’s go with one of Tom’s targets. Admittedly, this one feels almost too easy. First off, I think last week’s disappointment at Kansas City was more of a credit to Kansas City than an indictment of New England.

Are we really ready to say it’s the end for Tom Brady? No thank you. And if you watched the game, you also know that Cooks had a touchdown reversed. If that touchdown stands, all of sudden his line looks pretty good. But he should have a good line this week as he goes up against New Orleans and their 28th ranked pass defense, who just made the Vikings WRs look like Jerry Rice.

Week 2 DFS Pick: GPP Contrarian Pick

There are a lot of QBs with great matchups this week including Aaron Rodgers at Atlanta, Derek Carr hosting the Jets, Drew Brees going against a suddenly league worst New England DST, and Russell Wilson hosting the 49ers. But I think those will all be highly owned, so let’s go with a far less obvious choice….

Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings (FD-$7,100; DK-$5,500)

Sam Bradford will continue to have his doubters all season. But did you watch the game? Bradford looked crisp. Sure, he continued to be a master of the dump pass. And Stefon Diggs was wide open, but did you see how beautifully he laid it in the basket? The stats match the performance. But doesn’t Pittsburgh have a good defense? In short, the answer is no. They allowed 222 passing yards and nearly lost a game to rookie DeShone Kizer. I am on record of liking Bradford this year and I expect another big game from him.


Week 2 DFS Picks: Draft Kings GPP Lineup for the week

QB: Sam Bradford

RB: Marshawn Lynch ($6,000)

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Going against the Jets? Yes please.

RB: Ty Montgomery ($5,800)

I dropped Jamaal Wiliams in one of my leagues this week because I think its clear that the Packers are willing to feed Montgomery. And against Atlanta’s porous run defense, I think he will eat.

WR: Jeremy Maclin ($5,000)

Still a great bargain at this price and one in which I will invest.

WR: Adam Thielen ($5,000)

Going with the Viking stack.

WR: Chris Hogan ($5,600)

With many gamers likely to choose Cooks this week, why not pivot over to Hogan?

TE: Kyle Rudolph ($4,200)

As I mentioned, Im going with the Minnesota stack.

DST: Ravens ($3,700)

This game is likely to be tighter than you think and I was tempted to go with the Cleveland defense here. However, my Baltimore friends have said this defense might be better than the 2000 defense. Not sure I believe that, but a rookie QB on the road against a swarming Baltimore D? Yeah, I’ll take that.

Flex: Amari Cooper ($8,100)

I often leave my Flex to last. With 9,200 bucks left, I was hoping to go with Antonio Brown ($9,400) to get the opposing stack but I like the Viking defense and he’s obviously a little too expensive. Instead, give me Amari Cooper against the Jets for more than $1,000 less.


Week 2 DFS picks: GPP Fan Duel Line up for the week

QB: Carson Palmer ($7,500)

We’ve heard the whispers, but I don’t think Palmer is done just yet. Last week was not indicative of his season. I think Arians finds a way to breath a little mojo into the Cards offense.

RB: Chris Carson ($5,200)

Until the 49ers show me that they are better than I think they are, I will continue to roster a back against them.

RB: Ty Montgomery ($6,500)

Embed from Getty Images

See write up above. Expect a few more more Lambeau leaps.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald ($6,600)

If Carson Palmer is going to have a big game, than you have to stack Fitz.

WR: Stefon Diggs ($6,500)

I already told you I’m high on Bradford. No reason not to take Diggs here.

WR Mike Evans ($8,500)

Wow is the pricing softer on Fan Duel this week? I think after last week’s forced bye, Evans starts producing for his owners immediately. If Evans scores, he should easily outproduce this price.

TE: Rob Gronkowski ($8,100)

Patriots Lose. Gronk Mad. Gronk Smash.

DST: Raiders ($5300)

Do you understand how bad the Jets are?

K: Justin Tucker ($5,200)

Until he disappoints me, I’m rolling him out. Threat of XPs only, but I think he actually puts a couple through the uprights.


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