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With Week 1 in the books, it’s that time for the Week 2 Survivor Picks. I apologize to all of those readers that lost a little bit of hair or a few years off their life sweating out the Dallas Cowboys game this past Sunday night. But, hey, we survived. The Cowboys pulled it out and we live to play another week.

While I certainly don’t like making things that close, as I said in the first article, it is all about surviving that first week. Hopefully, now we have a little better idea of where teams stand.

For Week 2, the overall point spreads still have not changed that much with most falling around the 3 point range early in the week, although we are certainly seeing some much larger spreads than Week 1.  Perhaps the most intriguing “big spread” comes in Pittsburgh with the Steelers listed as 6 point favorites over San Francisco. Nevertheless, though, this is about picking one single team to win, not flying to Las Vegas to bet some spreads.

One small strategy I didn’t mention in my previous article, “Is it smart to pick the obvious choice?” In some cases yes, and in some cases no. This is not a daily tournament, so there’s no reason to be contrarian and go away from popular opinion. Let other people try to be flashy or bold and get knocked out early. You just simply want to pick a winner each week, and if you do that, eventually the rest will perish.

That leads us to our matchups, aside from Pittsburgh and San Francisco, we have New Orleans hosting Tampa Bay (hint, hint). Enough foreshadowing though, time for “The Safe,” “The Iffy” and “The Sorry.”


Week 2 Survivor Picks


The Safe

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the choice, plain and simple. There’s no reason to be cute or overthink this decision; go with the Saints. Keep in mind that the rest of the league will most likely as well, so let’s move on. New Orleans opened the week as a double digit favorite, which is where they still stand. The Saints rarely lose in New Orleans, and Tampa Bay was dreadful against the below average Tennessee Titans in Week 1.

If the spread opened at 7, or something a little more “doable,” I might suggest there’s reason for doubt. However, the fact that Las Vegas is even stating how little they trust Tampa Bay to turn things around in one week, I am confident in New Orleans. I would even anticipate that spread growing to the 14 point range by Sunday. With how the Saints showed in Week 1, there’s no reason to save them for later in the season. This will be their easiest matchup all year, so don’t waste it.


The Iffy

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets

I don’t really consider it iffy, but it’s not as good as New Orleans. There’s no reason to go this route when the Saints are staring you in the face. Indianapolis looked sluggish in Buffalo, and the Jets pose similar problems on defense. If T.Y. Hilton does miss this week, which looks likely, this game could be a lot closer than initially anticipated, granted I do not actually see the Colts falling to 0-2.

More than likely, Indianapolis will bounce back, put up 30 points and show why I have been preaching caution all week on what seems like a fire sale on Andre Johnson and Frank Gore in Fantasy Football.  This offense will be alright, they just had a very tough, as seen by the score, test in Week 1 and they didn’t exactly pass.


The Trap

Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders

I can already see the money wasted. Everyone thinking, “There’s no way the Ravens can start 0-2, they have to beat the lowly Oakland Raiders.” I wouldn’t be so confident. The spread is still unlisted. For that to be the case, on a Wednesday, when neither team played in Primetime, means bookmakers aren’t exactly sure where this game is going either.

Granted, part of the holdup is probably hinging on if Derek Carr will play, but the other part has to do with how Baltimore played Week 1. Baltimore has to travel west for a second straight week, and just lost Terrell Suggs for the season. Oakland will play better this week under their new head coach, and if I were in Vegas, I’d actually be taking Oakland to win.

Well, that sums up my take on the Week 2 Survivor Picks and I’ll see you in Week 3. Don’t forget to check out our Week 2 Daily Fantasy Football rankings as well.

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