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Welcome to the Week 20 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets article.  It’s time to gear up for the final stretch of the fantasy season, and we have the waiver wire targets to help you excel.

There is a strong crop of players available this week, and it’s good thing because teams fighting for playoffs will need them to make that final push.  Fringe teams may not have the benefit of waiting on injured players to return, and may have to plan for now instead of later.

There are still roster moves unearthing good players throughout the league, and while last week’s group featured some of the players affected by trade, this week are the players who had their stock change due to a buyout in a player’s contract.  Some players will move teams to a new, improved role, and others have simply opened up the door for expanded time to their backups.

Joe Johnson was the big name to be let go by the Nets, and shortly after found a home in Miami.  This might improve his stock, but he is already owned pretty highly due to his name.

All the players included on this list are available in 50 percent of leagues, but most are trending up so they may not be there for long.


Waiver Wire Targets

D.J. Augustin, PG, Denver Nuggets (8.1 Percent Owned)

On a lackluster trade deadline day, D.J. Augustin getting sent to the Nuggets somehow still flew under the radar.  It is time to pay some attention to Augustin, as he seems to have settled in well in Denver.  He has been on fantasy radars for some time but wasn’t viable in Oklahoma City, but is getting enough minutes to perform and making the most out of his time on the court.

Since joining the Nuggets, Augustin is averaging 13 points per game while dishing out 3.7 assists.  The turnovers were a problem to start with, but he will improve on those as he gets settled with his new team.  He’s making around two three pointers per game, meaning he can contribute across all the scoring categories.

Kent Bazemore, SG/SF, Atlanta Hawks (50.8 Percent)

February was a rough month for Bazemore, but he seems to have rebounded in March.  Wing player’s scoring can be streaky, but Bazemore has a good history and has enjoyed one of his best career years in Atlanta this season, so it would be safe to assume he has found his shot again.  He could be a very valuable pickup, after becoming available from so many people dropping him during his down-month.

In his last three games, Bazemore notched over 15 points per night while grabbing over seven rebounds.  There aren’t many guard-eligible players who can rebound at that rate, but it’s been a calling-card for Bazemore this season.  As his numbers rebound, his ownership will too so grab him while you can.

Bojan Bogdanovic, SG/SF, Brooklyn Nets (20.3 Percent)

Joe Johnson is gone from Brooklyn and that opened a big hole for Bojan Bogdanovic to jump in.  With the extra minutes, and the likelihood that Brooklyn misses the playoffs, Bogdanivic will most likely continue to get enough shots to keep his hot streak going.  He offers enough points and three pointers to be a big-time addition for most teams.

Over his last four games, Bogdanovic is lighting up with over 17 points per night.  A high number of those points come off three-point shooting.  He is also claiming 4.5 rebounds over that same time.  He doesn’t offer much in terms of defensive stats or assists.  Still, what he does contribute, he contributes at a very high rate.

David Lee, PF, Dallas Mavericks (34.4 Percent)

Joining Dallas has been a blessing for David Lee, and he appears to fit in perfectly.  After falling into the rotating frontcourts in Boston, Lee lost a lot of his value.  Now, in Dallas, he is performing like the old Lee, and could be a cheap, high-upside addition to a team looking to make a playoff push.

Five games into his stint as a Maverick and Lee is averaging ten points per game.  His trademark rebounding is back on display, averaging over eight rebounds in Dallas as well.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his rebounds and assists increase slightly as he gets better acquainted with the Mavericks.

Nikola Jokic, PF/C, Denver Nuggets (51.4 Percent)

Nikola Jokic hurts his own value by getting himself in foul trouble on too many nights, meaning he spends valuable time on the bench.  When he gets time on the court, Jokic has been very solid.  He rebounds consistently enough to be a strong double-double candidate most nights, and he converts a lot of offensive boards into points.

Take a look at Jokic’s statline over the the last six games: 12 points per game, 8.8 rebounds game and 3.5 assists.  The assist numbers are a real surprise, but it’s always a welcomed addition.  He is so close to averaging a double-double, and in fact three of his last six games reached that mark.  Unless he starts giving way to Jusuf Nurkic, Jokic should be a good waiver wire addition for most teams.

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