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Well, we learned one thing this week and that is that nobody stops Gronk, ever. Not Rex Ryan, not a  linebacker and no defense on the planet earth.  He played against a supposedly tough Buffalo Bills defense which was going to throw some extravagant defense at Gronkowski. But here is what actually happened: Brady sees Gronk, throws him the ball and then there is a subsequent spike in the end zone. Gronkowski ends up with seven catches, 113 yards and a touchdown.  He is now on pace to score 32 touchdowns and I think he might just do it.

Crockett “Happy” Gillmore scored two touchdowns in the shootout at Oakland, which really didn’t make any Fantasy Footballers happy this week. He simply took away opportunities for Steve Smith and Justin Forsett to get in the end zone. 5/88/2 is not something that is common for the young tight end but will it be from here on? Can we be certain these stats will not be duplicated this week?

I am not feeling the tight end position this week as much as last week but do not despair! We will dig in and find the best and worst of Week 3. There are some diamonds in the rough and some guys who are wearing signs that say “Buyer Beware.” I am a risk-taker and often a contrarian. Where will that lead us to this week?

I am going to closely examine the So-Called Fantasy Experts Tight End rankings.  I will offer some great predictions based on these rankings and help lead you to a Week 3 victory.  I will reveal to you two players I like more and two I like less. Full disclosure: Jimmy Graham kicked me where it hurts, but Martellus Bennett proved me right.

Never fear, I will take you down the path of success, are you ready?

Week 2 Tight End Rankings Reaction

Who I Like More

Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints

The SCFE’s 4th-ranked tight end this week will undoubtedly produce like it this week. You gotta love 14 targets! That is the number of times our buddy Cam Newton looked to get Olsen the ball last week. Based on volume alone, Olsen will be a stud. Add in a Saints team that couldn’t stop anyone on defense and we have a potion for success. The Saints are currently the 28th-ranked defense allowing 28.5 points per game. They allowed the rookie Jameis Winston to complete 66 percent of his passes last week. Cam may not be the most polished quarterback but he knows where to go to butter his bread. Start Olsen and watch your TE cross the stripe.

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears

I know, I know. Jimmy wasn’t a part of the offense in Week 2 vs. Green Bay.  The SCFE experts have lost a bit of faith in Graham as they dropped him down one spot to the No. 3 TE this week. Seattle has opened as a 14.5 favorite, playing at home where they dominate against a team that has a very limited offense with Jay Cutler likely sidelined by injury.

The Seahawks ignored the stud tight end more than anyone could have imagined in Week 2. Only two targets last week is an insult to me, you, the whole Fantasy Football community as well as his entire family.  Like Adrian Peterson last week, the coaching staff will realize that he hasn’t been targeted nearly enough in an offense that needs him.

So, here is what will happen. The Chicago Bears will be the whipping boys for the angry Seattle Seahawks. Chicago can’t stop any offense, period. They allowed Carson Palmer to throw four touchdowns and allowed Rodgers the previous week to complete 78 percent of his passes. My Bears are only allowing 39.5 points per game so don’t worry, Jimmy gonna score more than once this week!

Who I Like Less

Crockett Gillmore, Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Which Crockett will we see this week?  The one who had two receptions for 23 yards or the guy who went off last week and scored a pair of touchdowns? Gillmore was targeted six times and caught five of them.  I think this was a product of game flow more than anything. The Ravens were in catch-up mode constantly which caused “Cowboy” Joe Flacco to sling it 45 times. We know that the Ravens do not want to throw that much and prefer to control the clock with a strong running game. Many owners will be spending FAAB money on the one-week wonder and will ask what happened when he lays an egg in Week 3.

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers at Saint Louis Rams

The 10th-ranked tight end will see very little success this week. Ben Roethlisberger threw for 369 yards and three touchdowns and the Steelers scored 43 points. What does Heath Miller get from all of that production? Two targets and 15 yards for the veteran tight end. Now, he did score a touchdown, but can we really rely on that happening with such a small number of targets? In case you forgot, Le’Veon Bell is returning and will snatch a lot of targets from Miller due to his huge role in the passing game. Miller has never been a touchdown scorer as he only crossed the goal line 44 times in 155 games. I think we will see 44 times in 156 games after Week 3 concludes.

Thanks to the SCFE tight end rankings, I have been able to offer you some good reasons why I like certain players more than others this week. The tight end position is a tough one to analyze but we hit the jackpot with these picks.

Good luck this week and may your tight end be as “Happy” as Crockett Gillmore was in Week 2.


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