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I’m finally here to do my Week 3 Tight End Rankings Reaction. Thanks to John LaPresto who stepped in for me last week as I was busy welcoming my son into this world.

Alright enough about me and onto why you are really here, the Week 3 Tight End Rankings.

Now that we are a couple weeks into the season we are starting to get a better picture of who the tights that are going to live up to or exceed expectations and those that will bust.

We are also finding the teams that are going to struggle to defend against the tight end every week. We are seeing a lot of the same teams from last year, but also some new faces as well.

In this series I take a look at the tight end position Week 3 rankings that the staff here put up each week and let you know why I like some players more or less than the rest of them.

Week 3 Tight End Rankings Reaction

I will be using the standard tight end position rankings to determine who I like more and who I like less.

Who I Like More

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

Two weeks into the season and who leads all tights ends in targets? That’s right, Jason Witten.

It’s clear Dak Prescott likes the safety of being able to throw to Mr. Reliable. I don’t see that changing anytime soon for the rookie.

This week he gets to face the Bears who are pretty middle of the road against tight ends, but have yet to face one as good as Witten.

Eric Ebron, Detroit Lions

Ebron should have even more impressive numbers, but his second touchdown of the season was called back due to offensive pass interference.

Regardless of that, he has still put up some nice numbers in the first two games.

In Week 3 he goes up against the Packers. They have allowed the third most points to tight ends this season so far. Last season the Packers were middle of the road against tight ends for the season. Yet they were exposed when playing against some of the better in the league.

Ebron being one of the better in the league, I expect another good game from him.

Who I Like Less

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

Is Kelce good? Yes.

Problem is he plays on a run-first offense and does not see enough targets in the redzone. In 2015 we saw him get see just 10 total.

It gets even worse for him when they are inside the 1o yard line, as he saw  just three targets.

Combine that with the fact that the Chiefs are playing against the Jets, one of the better teams against tight ends, I’m down on Kelce this week.

Coby Fleener, New Orleans Saints

I can ignore a bad preseason. But two games into the season and he has only caught three of 12 targets, I’m officially worried.

I guess the good news is he has seen 12 targets, ties him for 10th among tight ends.

But he clearly is not on the same page with Drew Brees and soon Brees will stop throwing the ball his way.

If he is going to breakout, this is the week to do it, against the Falcons who are among the leagues worst against tight ends. I just have to see it to believe it first.


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