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Well, suck me sideways!

What a sweet week of high scoring games. Week 3 saw four different games go over 65 total points! There were eight games that went over 50 points!

While the Packers either broke your heart or made you some mad cash, you can’t say Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers is on another level when it comes to football.

The guy is lights out every single week and this week against the 49ers –I don’t even want to think about what the Packers are going to do.

Anyways, let’s talk about some of my Week 4 Daily Fantasy Football: Draft Kings Picks, so you can load up on Packers.

Draft Kings Picks For Week 4


Derek Carr, Quarterback, Oakland Raiders ($5,300) – It’s not very often where you get to take an almost minimum quarterback, who could absolutely go off. The Raiders play the Bears, who recently decided to have a fire sale in week 4. Gone is Jared Allen. Jon Bostic- see ya. Brock Vereen- you no work here anymore! Who are these guys, you might ask? Outside of Jared Allen, I couldn’t tell you either. Anyways, who the hell is going to be on the field for the Bears on Sunday? I don’t know and I really don’t care, but thanks for the cap relief this week!

Tyrod Taylor, Quarterback, Buffalo Bills ($5,800) – What a bargain. The Giants are 27th against the quarterback and Tyrod Taylor has been a top 10 QB this year. His schedule gets a little easier here and it starts with the Giants this week. Taylor carries a little more upside than Carr because of his rushing ability, but the Giants secondary is better than the Junior Varsity team in Chicago. Taylor is way underpriced and is also a nice starting point if you don’t want to pay up for Rodgers. He and Carr are both in play for Cash games as well as GPP’s.

Running Backs

Karlos Williams, Running Back, Buffalo Bills ($3,400) – The Bills are all but putting LeSean McCoy, running back, Buffalo Bills on the shelf this week and that makes room for our man, Karlos with a “K!” The Giants who are also bad against the running back position (28th) get a taste of the best running back in Buffalo. Another discount so we can load up on receivers, or some guy named Aaron Rodgers.

Melvin Gordon, Running Back, San Diego Chargers ($4,900)– Last week, we recommend Latavius Murray against the Browns who were 32nd in rush defense in the NFL. Now, look, I may have been born at night but it was last night, so we are going back to the well with a running back that plays against the Browns. A very economical play at $4900 and will be nice sneaky GPP play.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown, Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers ($9200) (Thursday) – I’m sure you were wondering if I was going to bring up Antonio Brown. Well, I did. He is not cash game safe and his salary is not indicative of who is quarterback is, but if you want a GPP play. Here it is. Everyone is going to stay away because they feel Ron Mexico can’t deliver the goods, but I’m playing a GPP or two with Antonio Brown. Screw the haters, I’m rolling with my homie.

Julio Jones, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons ($9,300) – Julio has reached Russell Westbrook, Clayton Kershaw, and Aaron Rodgers status. His price isn’t high enough. Julio is on pace to catch 181 footballs this year and that’s 40 more than Marvin Harrison’s record breaking year. Speaking of Marvin Harrison, his face looks like it’s fresh off of Tecmo Super Bowl. I just wanted to put that out there.

Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Oakland Raiders ($6,300) – My favorite stack this week. Carr to Cooper. Wash, rinse repeat. A nice mid-tier option. Remember, there are a lot of receivers to like this week and Cooper is one of them.

Steve Smith, Wide Receiver, Baltimore Ravens ($6,200) – I have to mention him. Old man River is killing it. He is getting double digit catches and targets. The Ravens are 0-3 and are desperate for one. This offense is running through Smith. Just a ho hum $3000 discount from Antonio Brown and he has the chance to outscore Brown this week easily.

Ty Montgomery, Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers ($3,00) – This pick hinges on the health, or lack thereof, of Davante Adams, Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers. I wouldn’t build around Montgomery, but if you are looking to fit in a player, Montgomery, may be worth a look. Strictly, a GPP only play, but has the upside to score twice.

Tight End

Martellus Bennett, Tight End, Chicago Bears ($4,500) – I’m not looking anywhere else at tight end. Say Rob Gronkowski, Tight End, New England Patriots, was playing this week, I don’t give a damn (It’s busted anyways…derp.) There hasn’t been a tight end that has had less than 100 yards and a touchdown yet this year against Oakland. This isn’t changing this week. There is death, taxes and tight ends against Oakland. Those are the guarantees in life.


AJ Green, Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals ($7,600) – The Chiefs are 32nd against the wide receiver position. Now we know that Ginger’s may be cursed from birth, but Andy Dalton, quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals, is locked onto Green. So, he’s going to either steal his soul or throw him the ball. Let’s hope it’s the latter.


Philadelphia Eagles ($2,700) – This selection goes against taking the home team defense, but I was one of the 99.7 gambling degenerates who sat through the Giants and Redskins game and let me tell you, actually I can’t tell you as I passed out after the first quarter. No really, though, the Eagles defense has been fairly decent this year and I like them this week.

From a matchup standpoint there are a lot of good games this week. I feel in order to win this week you will need to nail the receivers, just like last week and the running back position. Green Bay is the obvious choice as New England is off this week. So expect to see lots of Rodgers and Randall Cobb, Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers stacks. From a GPP standpoint, it screams fade, but can you afford to not have them if they go for 5 and 3 respectively? Rodgers and Cobb are a must for cash games so don’t over think it this week. There are plenty of good value running backs to choose from so you should be able to fit both Rodgers and Cobb.

Good luck this week on Draft Kings!

As always, if I did well please follow me on Twitter. If I did not do well my name is Matthew Berry.

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