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This was a long week for me. Not only was I working 12 hour days at my day job, but I had to sit and mull over a bad week in all my Fantasy leagues.

Week 3 was just one of those weeks for me in Fantasy Football where everything went wrong. Not only did I play against the best, or close to it, team in all my leagues, my team did not do very well either.

You could probably tell how poorly I did from my defense reaction picks last week. I pretty much did not hit on any of them. Like I said, it was one of those weeks.

To be fair though not a lot of defenses did very well. Week 3 was one of the higher scoring weeks I can remember as there were eight games that went over 50 points total and a few that went above 60. Just a lot of scoring all around.

We all have bad weeks though, but we can’t dwell on them. It’s time to move on to a new week and make smarter decisions.

Defense Rankings Reaction

The dreaded bye weeks begin this week. It is a small one with just two teams, New England and Tennessee. It doesn’t change a whole lot this week, but it’s just a reminder that they are here.

Teams I Like More

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are not usually a defense you will see me recommend, but this is a special week for them. They get to face the absolutely depleted Chicago Bears.

Chicago will still be without starting quarterback Jay Cutler and superstar wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, so points will be hard to come by again for this offense.

Also keep this in mind. The Bears have allowed the second most points to opposing defenses, with 16 and 18 in the last two weeks that Cutler and Jeffery missed either some or all of the game.

You could do a lot worse this week.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have not been as good of a Fantasy defense as they were last year, but they are still doing alright being ranked seventh on the season so far.

Their success is thanks to them having nine total turnovers already this season and those numbers are sure to get better this week. The reason for that is they get to face the Kirk Cousins, who definitely throws his fair share of interceptions. Just take a look at these stats.

I’m guessing the Eagles turnover Cousins at least twice and perhaps take one to the house.

Teams I Like Less

Miami Dolphins

I was all about the Miami defense before this season, but no more. Not until they prove to me that they can stop somebody.

Sure they only allowed 10 points to the Redskins, but you did read what I said about the Redskins when picking the Eagles defense right?

Other than that game, Miami has allowed 23 and 41 points to the Jags and Bills, both losses. Yes you read that right, they allowed 23 points to the Jaguars in a loss.

Fact is, this front seven is getting no pressure, totaling just one sack on the season. This is partially the reason they only have two total turnovers on the season too. Its not what you expect to see from a defense line that has Ndamukong Suh, who I understand does not get a ton of sacks himself, but he usually creates one on ones for the other lineman to take advantage of.

Atlanta Falcons

I really can’t figure out why they are ranked on anyone’s top 20 on the site here. Perhaps the matchup is clouding the others common sense.

A closer look at this and I’m staying away from the Falcons big time.

The Falcons are the 26th ranked defense in Fantasy Football right now with a total of nine points. On the other side, the Texans are not an offense you actually want to pick on in Fantasy. They have only allowed on average four points per week. It has been against some pretty good defenses too, the Chiefs and Panthers.

I know I say a great matchup is a good reason to pick a defense. This is not one of those cases though.


Remember defenses can make a huge difference in your league. Hopefully this helps you pick the right one so you can be victorious in Week 3. Good Luck and come back next week.


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