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Welcome back!  Last week was an absolute score (literally) by the “So-Called Fantasy Experts.” Based on the Week 4 Tight Ends Rankings, I chose two players I liked more and two I liked less.  Well, I nailed Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen as they were both awesome. They combined for 15 catches 217 yards and 3 touchdowns and that is the definition of “nailing it” folks.

Now, I said last week that Crockett Gilmore was a “flash in the pan” and that Miller was facing a tough defense. Both players combined for 5 catches 57 yards and 0 touchdowns. Now, Miller was clearly impacted by the loss of Ben Roethlisberger but you should have stayed away from him anyway, hopefully you did.

Before we go any further, I would like to offer my condolences to those of you who lost Rob Gronkowski to the bye this week. Don’t worry, he will be back next week. The real question is: who can you use as his replacement for week 4?

Let’s take a look at  a couple of players I like more this week. Both are less than flashy choices but will undoubtedly perform for you this week.  Charles Clay is a slam dunk replacement for Gronk if you happen to have him on your bench or if he is somehow available on waivers.  

Martellus Bennett is the other player that is a must start and will surprise you even though he has an absolute dreadful quarterback throwing him the ball.

Week 4 Tight Ends Rankings Reactions

Let’s take a stroll down victory lane as we examine the players I like more and the players I like less based on the So Called Fantasy Tight End Rankings.


Who I Like More

Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders

What happens when an “unstoppable force” (The Oakland Raiders defense against tight ends) meets an immovable object (The Chicago Bears Offense)?  Believe it or not, Martellus Bennett (#4 ranked TE) is going to have a huge game.  First, John Fox embarrassed himself last week with that dreadful game plan from 1945.  Basically, the plan was to not throw a pass the whole game, run out the clock and pray for a tie.  Well, the media questioned Fox’s decision which I assume was humiliating.  I think Fox comes back to reality and opens up the offense against a less than average Oakland Raiders defense.

The Raiders have been very welcoming to tight ends during the first three weeks of the season. How does this sound my friends?  21 receptions 305 yards and 5 touchdowns.  The Raiders basically escort their opponents’ TE’s to the end zone and thank them for coming.  Martellus Bennett is a very talented tight end with good athleticism.  He should be able to dominate as long as he is given the targets needed to produce.  After all, they let Gary Barnidge  dominate them and he is not exactly a household name.


Charles Clay, Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants

Tyrod Taylor has made a believer out of me.  After seeing him briefly in the preseason and during the first three weeks of the season, I have come to realize the guy has skills.  He can run, has good touch and has a calming/mature presence. Tyrod will definitely be targeting Charles Clay (#7 ranked TE) a bit more often this week for a couple of reasons.  First, Sammy Watkins isn’t looking like he is going to play this week because of his calf injury. Second, although Rex loves to run the ball, I am not sure how many times the rookie Karlos Williams will tote the ball this week.  I expect Rex to put the ball in Taylor’s hands more often, which will result in a few more attempts than usual.

The Giants aren’t as generous against the tight end as Oakland but they are generous enough.  Over the course of the first three weeks, the Giants D has allowed the tight ends to catch 20 balls for 241 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Broken down weekly that averages out to about 6.5 catches, 80 yards and a touchdown.  I would gladly accept that and will expect that from our guy Charles Clay.


Who I Like Less

Jordan Cameron, Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

I am calling it quits when it comes to Jordan Cameron (#9 TE).  Every year, I fall for the idea that the Dolphins offense has finally arrived.  This year the talk was that Tannehill has a lot of weapons, will take a step forward and be very successful.  I am done with the offense and done with Cameron.  He is often injured (a limited participant in practice Wednesday) and hasn’t been as productive as I thought he’d be (10 catches, 151 yards and 0 touchdowns).

Can anything else push me away from Cameron this week?   Um Yes! How about the New York Jets defense.  This defense has allowed only 8 catches, 95 yards and 0 touchdowns vs the TE thus far.  The combination of an underperforming offense and a defense that suffocates tight ends, I will pass on Jordan Cameron.


Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Jordan Reed has been consistent this year in terms of catches( 7,6,6 respectively) but has only scored 1 touchdown this season.  Kirk Cousins is not very good and has missed Reed a lot when he has been open.  Cousins has only thrown three touchdowns all season, which doesn’t comfort me when it comes to starting this Jordan.  The Eagles have given very little to tight ends ( 16 catches, 105 yards and 0 touchdowns).   Combine that with a divisional matchup that saw Reed catch 2 passes for 5 yards in their last meeting and you have a potion for less than average production this week.

I expect another successful week of Who I like More and Who I like less.  We have some winners this week so start them with confidence and stay away from the Jordans!

Good Luck with your lineups and we hope our Week 4 Tight Ends Rankings come through for you!

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