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I know this is the defensive rankings reaction article, but I want to start out by pointing out something that has never happened in our rankings. That is a consensus for the No.1 and No. 2 ranked quarterbacks this week.

It should be to nobody’s surprise though that those quarterbacks are Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

It should also not surprise anyone that neither of the defenses they are facing this week are in the top 20 for defensive rankings.

Vegas agrees with us too. These are the highest and fourth highest point totals for the week at 55 and 49. They are also the two highest point spreads. Which means bad things for San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts.

Since I mentioned something I noticed about quarterbacks, I’ll say one thing about the defense rankings I have noticed this week too. That is we all seem to agree on who the top six to eight defenses are. We may have them in a slightly different order, but they are all ranked up there. So if you have one of them, feel good. After that it gets a little bit jumbled.

Defense Rankings Reaction

One team on bye this week is one that is owned in almost every league, or should be, that being the Rams. There is at least one defense I like more this week than all the other SCFE staff and they are likely available in your league. Read below to find how who and get them in your lin

Teams I Like More

Carolina Panthers

Going on the road is tough in the NFL. Going to Seattle is a completely different kind of tough.

However, this is a different Seattle Seahawk team this season. They are not the same dominating team they have been in the past couple of seasons.

First off they are 2-3 on the year. But if you look at the stats they have allowed the 29th most points to opposing defenses this season.

Most of this is from the 22 sacks they have allowed, which at first glance does not look like something the Panthers can take advantage of with only nine on the season. But you can’t forget that they did not have Luke Kuechly playing since game one.

He may not be a big sack guy, but he will make a huge difference all over the field and it should lead to more sacks and possibly turnovers from the scrambling Russell Wilson.

Chicago Bears

I look rather crazy picking them as my No. 13 ranked defense this week, but look at their opponent. The Detroit Lions have been absolutely atrocious this season scoring on average the third least number of points.

It got so bad last week that they had to bench Matthew Stafford for Dan Orlovsky.

The Bears have also been a lot better than advertised on defense this season. After a miserable start, where they played two of the best offenses in the NFL, Green Bay and Arizona, they bounced back to be very respectable.

Against the train wreck that is the Detroit Lions, I think the Bears have a real chance to by a start-able defense.

Teams I Like Less

Detroit Lions

If the Lions offense is bad, it is possible the defense is worse.

Besides a 21 point effort against the Seahawks in Week 4, the Lions have scored just 13 fantasy points and eight of those came in Week 1.

I realize the Bears might not be a scary offense and Jay Cutler has the tendency to turn the ball over, but I just don’t want to trust the Lions in any phase of the game at this point.

Miami Dolphins

Playing the Tennessee Titans would be a dream matchup for almost any defense and six weeks ago I would have been really excited about this one for the Dolphins, but not anymore.

Even though a part of me wants to believe the Dolphins can bounce back and be the defense I thought they would be to start the season, I’m just not going to trust them.

Facts are facts, the Dolphins have not scored positive fantasy points since Week 1. They also only have one sack on the entire season, which is shocking considering they have Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake.

Perhaps the coaching change wakes up this team, including the defense, but they are in prove it to me mode before I trust them again.

It is tough when your usually reliable defense is on bye, but I promise there are good options out there for you. All you have to look. Good luck in Week 5 and come back next week for more defense help.

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