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Week 5 was was a bit crazy when it came to tight ends. We had a bunch of questionable tags throughout the week, which made ranking and picking who to start difficult.

We also had the return of the great Tom Brady, which immediately made people to go crazy for Rob Gronkowski. For good reason, Brady and him have been somewhat unstoppable for years.

It was Martellus Bennett though who reaped the benefits most. While Gronk got the yardage totals, Bennett was able to reel in three touchdowns.

This week we get the return of a few top end tight ends, Travis Kelce, Coby Fleener, Julius Thomas and Jimmy Graham. Much needed after a week with four teams on bye and a few injuries.

Anyway let’s get to the Week 6 Rankings reaction of the tight end position.

Week 6 Tight End Rankings Reaction

I will be using the standard tight end position rankings to determine who I like more and who I like less.

Who I Like More

Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans

He is a popular pick this week, but I like him just slightly more than the rest of the So-Called Fantasy Rankings Staff.

Not only did Mariota have a huge bounce-back game in Week 5, Walker was a huge beneficiary of it.

This week he gets to face the Browns, who allow on average 15 standard points per game to opposing tight ends. Of course that includes a 34 point thrashing by New England last week, but still they are a prime matchup for an elite tight end like Walker.

Coby Fleener, New Orleans Saints

He has been one of most frustrating players this season. We all thought Fleener was back when he had a huge game two weeks ago against Atlanta. Of course, then he turned around and put up a dud against San Diego. So which Fleener are we going to get?

I am predicting a bit of a bounce-back in a matchup, that from the untrained eye looks like a bad one, but a closer look is actually pretty good.

The Panthers have allowed the 26th most fantasy points to tight ends this season. I know that is surprising. This has also come against not-so-elite tight ends, best one being Kyle Rudolph.

So look for Fleener to take advantage of this and put up a solid game.

Who I Like Less

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

I don’t say this because I think you should sit him, but I do like him a bit less still than the rest of the staff.

I’m still reluctant to put him back at the top of the rankings, until he does Gronk things.

Look I get that his snap count was much higher at 81%. That is great, but he was not targeted once in the redzone last week and that becomes a problem.

He can still be in the top-5 or top-10, but until he starts getting in the end zone, I will not put him at No. 1.

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