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Welcome to the Week 8 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets article.  We have a crop of familiar faces and league veterans that can help your team dominate over the next few weeks.

The NBA has been buzzing with trade rumors over the last couple weeks, so be sure to monitor any moves made between teams.  Whether it’s a big blockbuster or a smaller, under-the-radar trade, it can have serious impacts on the outlooks of the players.

It appears that mentioning Ty Lawson in last week’s article cast some bad luck on the point guard, as he was slapped with a two game suspension for his DUI arrest.  If Lawson’s mediocre playing time wasn’t hurting his value enough, this suspension should finish the job.  Hopefully you don’t still own Lawson, but if you do, it’s time to part ways.

This week features a group of sharp-shooters from a variety of positions, as well as the reigning 6th man of the year.  3-point stats can be fluky and hard to track, so make sure you are paying attention to who gets hot and who goes cold, because it can decide a weekly matchup.

As always, these players are available in at least 50% of leagues (or at least close).  Most are trending up, meaning you should grab them early before they disappear in your league.


Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets

Lou Williams, PG/SG, Los Angeles Lakers

I’m cheating a little bit by including Lou Williams on this list, because he is currently owned in 56% of leagues, but he was close enough to the standards and should be owned in a much higher percentage of leagues soon.

At this point in his career, we know what Williams brings to the table: a solid shooting percentage from deep and a propensity for putting up points in a hurry.  This makes him a solid, yet limited fantasy option for owners.  He will put points on the board in almost any role, meaning you can deploy him weekly and whether he starts or comes off the bench, he is a good bet to score double digits.  In fact, he has scored over ten points in nine of his last ten games.

Lou Williams can be picked up in almost all leagues without worry, so even if the rotation changes and he gets less minutes, he will still contribute to your team.

Kevin Martin, SG, Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Martin is a similar specimen to Lou Williams, in skills and role.  While Martin has been playing solid minutes, he can contribute from a lesser role if needed.  We know he can light up from deep, and in the amount of minutes he is currently earning, he will put up big points numbers.

Don’t expect too much from Martin in the other categories.  He is averaging 2.4 points per game and 1.3 assists on the season.  Even so, 3-pointers are a highly contested category most seasons, and sometimes fluky, and Martin has the solid stroke to give you the edge most weeks.

Omri Casspi, SF, Sacramento Kings

Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets

Photo Credit: Ytotoda

When you look for players at the small forward position, it can be hard to find the ones who contribute multiple stats.  There are plenty of small forwards who can contribute hustle stats like steals and rebounds, as well as sharp-shooting forwards who can help with three’s and points, but there aren’t many on the waiver wire who can do it all.

Omri Casspi could be hidden gem on the waivers this week, and has shown the consistency to be a season-long fixture in your lineup.  He has scored double digits over his last ten games, and is averaging 6 rebounds as well.  In addition, he is shooting 44% on 3-pointers.

Casspi should be an immediate pick up on most teams, and is only owned in 32% of leagues right now.

Ersan Ilyasova, PF, Detroit Pistons

At his best, Ersan Ilyasova is a stat-sheet stuffer.  At his worst, Ilyasova is a magician, able to disappear any given night.  Part of his inconsistency could be adjusting to a new role on a new team, meaning it might be later in the season until we know exactly what to expect on a nightly basis.

To get the full picture with Ilyasova, separate his good games from his bad ones.  In his five best games over the last few weeks, Ilyasova averages around 15 points and eight rebounds.  On the remaining three games during that time, he averages just over six points and three rebounds.

The minutes are there for Ilyasova, and hopefully the production follows.  While he can help now, it’s worth holding on to him for later in the season, where he might level out.

Bismack Biyombo, C,  Toronto Raptors

Finding players to fill the less attractive categories, such as steals, blocks and rebounds, can be difficult.  If you don’t find them in the draft, it becomes even more difficult to grab them off of the waiver wire.  Bismack Biyombo, currently owned in just under 25% of leagues, can be a huge asset for these categories.

For his career, Biyombo has been limited in minutes due to his inability to contribute on the offensive end.  I doubt the Raptors even have any plays drawn up for the big man on that side of the court, but he is still managing to put up around eight points per game in his current role.

If you are wondering why a player with such limited offense is such a hot commodity, peruse the rest of his stat-line.  Biyombo is averaging over 11 rebounds and two blocks per game over his last five contests.  This includes his 18 rebounds and seven blocked shots while playing his former team, the Hornets.  Those numbers should entice any owner.

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