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With Halloween less than a week away, guess what the theme of Week 8 Waiver Wire is going to be?

Don’t worry–I’m not going to do some hackneyed “trick or treat” vehicle or some Mike Myers reference. Most of you have read me enough to know I do things a little more “on the fringe.”  Instead, let’s talk about a movie that gave me the heebie-jeebies.

That move is the very underrated “Fallen” starring Denzel Washington and John Goodman about the soul of the devil passing from person to person.

I didn’t get scared or startled in the movie, but coming out of the theatre, my skin was crawling the rest of the day.

Of course if you haven’t seen it, big time spoiler alert, because the clip below is the ending of the movie. If you haven’t seen it, do us both a favor and don’t even click on it. You can still read about this week’s C+ of a week free agent pickups below.

But for those of you who have seen it, do you agree with me that one of my favorite parts is when Denzel says smugly, “Ohhh…You forgot something, didn’t you?”

The very loose connection is that many of the players below were thought to lay destruction on the world but seem to have been forgotten. Let’s start with someone sharing the same name and initials as Denzel….

Week 8 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

Running Backs

Dwayne Washington, Detroit Lions  (9.6% ESPN, 9% Yahoo)

Let’s see, Zack Zenner carried nine times for 29 yards. Justin Forsett did slightly better, carrying eight times for 33 yards. Ameer Abdullah is still probably out for the season. Can we agree that the Lions primary non-passing back job is still Mr. Washington’s for the taking? Washington was a surprise late scratch this past week. I would expect him back next week against Houston, who is only middle of the road in preventing Fantasy points to RBs; and that is bolstered by its pre-Watt injury performance for the first couple of weeks. Meanwhile, everything I said about Washington previously still holds true. A 6’2 222-pound player, he is a far superior talent than his seventh round draft selection suggests. The ladies love Denzel, but you’ll like Dwayne nearly as much. Let’s move from one NFC North back to another….

KaDeem Carey, Chicago Bears (1.8% ESPN, 2% Yahoo)


First, it was Jeremy Langford, now Jordan Howard. What is it about Chicago that causes Bear RBs to start strong and then suddenly lose their powers. It’s a Lucifer like fall. I think it has something to do with the Cubs and curses, but who knows. Whatever. The point is that Carey completely out-snapped Howard 26 to 22 this past weekend. He could see an increased workload given his double-digit carries and 4.8 YPC average in Week 7. Of course with the Cubs finally making it to the World Series, fans in Chicago might not notice, but you should.

Kenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens (23.9% ESPN, 14% Yahoo)

Mm-hmm. Remember him? He’s the handcuff that got all the preseason hype that suddenly went forgotten when he got injured. Well….with the Ravens now staring at a 3-4 record and with the more difficult part of their schedule coming up after their bye, don’t be surprised if they start looking at their young guys to see what their future needs are. Recall that the rookie Dixon had nearly 5,500 yards from scrimmage and almost 90 TDs in his college career. A bunch of Ravens is called a murder. But this Raven might just keep your Fantasy Super Bowl dreams alive.

Of course the players above are not the only ones who might be worth picking up this week. I am not highlighting Mike Gillisee or Jaquizz Rogers, for example, as both have ownership rates north of 50% owned. However, should any of them be available, go grab them now.


Wide Receivers

I am also not highlighting Ty Montgomery, Michael Thomas, or Donte Moncrief as all have ownership rates north of 60% owned. However, should any of them be available, go grab them now. As far as others with lower ownership rates, let’s start with one option who still is owned in more than a third of most leagues.

Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins (39.8 % ESPN 37% Yahoo)


Maybe Crowder is not forgotten, but those ownership numbers are wayyyy to low. Especially for someone averaging over 13 points and over half a dozen targets a game. Crowder should absolutely be owned. Next up is player who came in with a lot of hype, but has had a very quiet career so far….

Brian Quick, Los Angeles Rams (5.2 % ESPN, 7% Yahoo)

Perhaps it was injury, but I’m not sure how Brian Quick fell so low nor how he continues to be ignored. That’s now four weeks in a row he has at least 50 yards receiving and he’s been targeted now 24 times over the last four weeks. No, he’s not going to replace your stud WR. But as a WR3 or flex play in a 3-WR league? Absolutely. Plus, his upside is bigger than the other Rams receivers who seem to have trouble holding onto the ball.

Tavon Austin has remained sinfully inefficient, turning 15 targets into 10 catches for 57 yards. A 5.7 yards per catch would be subterrenean for a running back. For a “No. 1 receiver” who swiped a guaranteed $30 million two months ago, it’s downright hellacious. We will stay away from 666, but here are more numbers. Austin is eighth in the league in targets, but 70th in yards. And the devil is in the details as three of Case Keenum’s four interceptions against the Giants were in Austin’s direction. Of course Austin can’t be blamed for two of them, but the third was an Austin swat the Giants returned for a pick six and the eventual difference in the game. Something tells me Jeff Fisher is going to try and get Quick more targets than Austin. Speaking of players who played for Jeff Fisher…

Dorial Green-Beckham, Philadelphia Eagles (4.7% ESPN, 5% Yahoo)


Here’s your deeper league add for the week. After seeing the third most snaps of Philly’s WR corps at 80.8% in Week 6, he is going from a forgotten man to climbing up the depth chart as Green-Beckham was second in targets in Week 7, turning one of them into a score.

While the Eagles opponent this week (Dallas Cowboys) are allowing the fourth fewest points against the run, they are middle of the pack (15th) in allowing Fantasy points to WRs. Don”t be surprised if the Eagles lean heavily on their aerial attack this week and Green-Beckham is part of that assault.



With six starting quarterbacks on bye this week (okay, calling some of the quarterbacks whose teams are on bye this week a “starting qb” might be generous), you might need to dig a little deep to find yourself a QB this week, especially those of you in 2-QB leagues.

Bryce Petty, New York Jets (0% ESPN, 0% Yahoo)


Geno Smith went pino-whiff. Yes the Jets beat Baltimore, but raise your hand if you’re impressed? That’s what I thought. Okay, now show of hands–who thinks the Jets are going to want to see what they have? Wow, didn’t know there were so many people here!

OK, so Petty probably won’t see the field this week, but Fitzpatrick and Smith are not exactly heavenly bodies when it comes to health. I wouldn’t be shocked if Petty gets some snaps soon. People seem to have forgotten that Petty had over 60 passing touchdowns and over 8,000 passing yards his last two years at Baylor. This might be one of the few Jets getting on board early. Petty should be someone you look really hard at if you have the bench space in a 2-QB or 16-team league.


Tight End

Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins (28.4% ESPN, 23% Yahoo)


Vernon Davis, meanwhile, seemed stuck on the tarmac. Yet, it wasn’t too long ago that Davis was coming off a 52-catch 850 yard season. After a couple down years and an injury to Jordan Reed, Davis has been the starter for the Redskins the last two weeks and taking advantage of his opportunity. He managed 50 yards and a touchdown in Week 6, but followed that up with a solid six catches for 79 yards against Detroit in Week 7. He was also on the field for a very promising 97.3% of the snaps. Until Reed returns, Davis is a decent play. He faces Cincinnati in Week 8 and the Bengals have allowed the sixth most Fantasy points per game to tight ends. Talk about a player nearly forgotten!


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