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Another week of the 2015 NFL season is in the books, which means we’ve had another week of not knowing what constitutes a catch, an interception or a fumble along with another week of J.J. Watt trying to convince all of us he’s likeable. That’ll do J.J., that’ll do.

This week we learned Stefon Diggs might just be legit. We learned Darren McFadden might be the Neil Patrick Harris of Running Backs by reappearing as someone both talented and likable after being annoying and a punch line for years. We learned the Amari Cooper/Derek Carr (AC/DC) connection is going to be fun to watch.

We learned Ryan Mallett shows less enthusiasm for being a starting Quarterback in the NFL than Drew Carey does when hosting The Price is Right. We learned Chuck Pagano must be using his NFL headset to listen to books on tape narrated by Morgan Freeman because there’s no other explanation for how disconnected he is during these games and we learned that Jameis Winston might indeed be better than Marcus Mariota after all.

We learned that Yahoo has better streaming quality than DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. We learned Rex Ryan has difficulty coaching on not one, but two continents. Lastly, we learned that the only worse news than mythical creature, Arian Foster, being lost for the season is finding out that Adam Sandler’s Pixels is being released on Blu-Ray.

There’s plenty of help on the Fantasy Football waiver wire but before you go out and grab Ladarius Green, Alfred Blue, Eric Ebron or Teddy Two Gloves Bridgewater (best nickname winner?), make sure you’re making the right call on which players to drop. Dropping the wrong guy could make you look worse than giving four straight goal line carries to Toby Gerhart.

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Week 8 Players to Drop

Let’s get to it. Rip the Band-Aid off and take a look at the players to drop in this week’s Reaper Report!

As always, we’re playing by Talladega Nights rules here folks. If you ain’t first, you’re last!



Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles

Sam Bradford is the Keanu Reeves of NFL and joining Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles was supposed to be his John Wick performance. Watching Keanu in a film and watching Bradford play Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, you walked away with similar thoughts… “I think what I just watched was pretty okay, but for some reason I don’t feel great about it. It feels like it should have been good but something just didn’t click. Was it actually bad?”

Bradford teased Fantasy Football owners with 59 TDs and 38 INTs during his time with the Rams and much like Reeves in his films, seemed to have a decent supporting cast at times.

Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola, Mike Sims-Walker, Brandon Lloyd, Danario Alexander, Jared Cook, Brian Quick and Kenny Britt are to Bradford as Shia LaBeouf (Gross), Laurence Fishburne, Gene Hackman, Joe Pantoliano and Al Pacino are to Reeves. It seems like there should have been some potential there but the reality is, those guys are either vastly overrated or they were just mailing it in the majority of time at that point in their career.

Unlike John Wick, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles are not incredibly awesome to watch. When you first hear Sam Bradford is tied with Peyton Manning as a NFL leader in a passing category, your first reaction is optimism, much like I felt walking into the theater in 1995 to see Johnny Mnemonic.

(Link is Not Safe For Work due to language)

Then you realize the category Bradford leads the league in is interceptions and you feel the same as you did walking out of Johnny Mnemonic after the first hour, angry, because you should have known better.

Bradford looks lost in this offense. He currently ranks 30th in yards per attempt, 29th in Quarterback Rating and 21st in completion percentage. Bradford has thrown one TD or less in five of the Eagles’ seven games this season and until Jordan Matthews can steal a pair of Odell Beckham’s gloves, this doesn’t seem like it will get any better. Nelson Agholor, DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles and the Eagles Offensive Line have all been disappointments and the last we saw of All-Pro Left Tackle Jason Peters Sunday night was him being carted off the field.

The Eagles are sixth in the league in Pass Attempts, seventh in the league in Rushing Attempts, but only 24th in yards per play. The offense is extremely inefficient with Bradford at the helm. We’re in Week 8 of the NFL season which gives us enough of a sample size to determine there are streaming options more viable than using a full time roster spot on Bradford. It’s time to label him as a player to drop.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, John Wick is the (insert expletives) and Sam Bradford is (insert opposite meaning expletives).


Running Back

Carlos Hyde, San Francisco 49ers

Yup, I’m making this call.  Can you dig it????

Carlos Hyde you ask? Really? Did you see him in Week 1? I get it; running backs who haven’t been sucked into the vortex of a RBBC (running back by committee) are nearly impossible to come by.

I’m just like the rest of you. I watched Carolos Hyde do his best Richard Sherman vs Skip Bayless impression and crush the Minnesota Vikings to kick off the 2015 season. Unfortunately for Fantasy Football owners and San Francisco 49er fans, that player, those moves and more importantly, those results are nowhere to be found. Since Week 1, Hyde is averaging a Knile Davis-esque 3.4 yards per carry and has scored only one touchdown.

The San Francisco 49ers don’t use Carlos Hyde in the passing game whatsoever (11 receptions in seven games), so it’s extremely difficult for Hyde to accumulate starting level Fantasy production unless he’s receiving a heavy workload in the running game, which he isn’t.

Hyde is averaging less than 15 carries per game since his Week 1 masterpiece and this may be in large part due to a foot injury Hyde is attempting to play through. In Week 6 against the Baltimore Ravens we watched Hyde essentially collapse on the field from what appeared to be an Arian Foster, aka non-contact injury. When asked about it after the game, Hyde had the following quotes: “It hurts when I put too much weight on it” and “It just shocked me how bad it hurt when I tried to put too much weight on it, and I just went down.”

Head Coach, Operation board game extraordinaire and aspiring medical professional, Jim Tomsula was able to paint Fantasy Football owners a clearer picture as to what may be going on. “I don’t know the whole thing, but his foot’s sore. I don’t want to put a medical label on it but he’s sore in there. I guess it’s a bruise.” Thanks, Jim!

Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Hyde suffering a stress fracture. With the 49ers sitting in last place within their division at 2-5, an underachieving offensive line and a rough schedule ahead, logic would suggest that at some point the organization may shut down their 24 year old Running Back of the future. Carlos Hyde is a talent and should, without a doubt, be a prized possession in dynasty leagues but since his injury, he’s been about as versatile as Vin Diesel’s acting career. It may be time to move on from the last Fantasy relevant 49er of 2015.

Knile Davis, Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles goes down with a season ending ACL injury in Week 5 of the NFL season and Fantasy Football owners immediately think two of the following three things: 1) This sucks! 2) Thank goodness I don’t own him! 3) Knile Davis! (Side note: If you’re not a fan of Charles and/or haven’t seen his speech at the 2015 Special Olympics, it’s worth watching, here). Here’s the problem, Knile Davis is owned in nearly 75% of CBS leagues and he should probably be owned in nearly 75% less than that.

Charcandrick West skeptics have been quick to dismiss the optimism around his role as the lead back moving forward and seemed to have held tight onto Davis heading into Week 7. Rather than romanticize Davis’ career based on a few moments, let’s look at the facts. In 39 career games, Davis has seven fumbles, 11 touchdowns and a 3.4 yards per carry average only Trent Richardson would be jealous of.

Week 8 provided us with a strong sense of how this situation is going to play out for the remainder of the season. Knile Davis walked away from the game with one carry for two yards. Meanwhile, Charcandrick West was given 24 touches and made the most of the opportunity, totaling 129 yards and a touchdown. I didn’t think it was possible for Knile Davis to lower his career yards per carry or for someone to get less airtime than NBC “analyst” Hines Ward but somehow he managed to do both in Week 7. Congratulations, Knile!

If Davis outouched West in any game for the remainder of the season I’d be more surprised than Mike Myers during a Kanye West telethon appearance.

Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland Browns

The algorithm used to predict when Isaiah Crowell will have a viable Fantasy Football performance is about as easy to figure out as a Matthew McConaughey car commercial. Why are you always driving on abandoned roads? It this supposed to be some post apocalyptic world where you’ve somehow impossibly survived? Who are you talking to, all by yourself in the car? Why do you keep looking in the rearview mirror if there’s no one else around? Is someone or something chasing you in an I Am Legend type situation? Where are you off to, Matthew?

Things looked promising for Crowell owners early in the 2015 season. The offensive line was once again healthy and the strength of the team, draft pick Duke Johnson seemed to have a new injury crop up every week during the preseason and the team decided to move on from potential roadblock, Terrance West. What we didn’t factor into this equation was, the Cleveland Browns do Cleveland Browns things.

Crowell, coming off a promising rookie campaign in which he averaged over four YPC and scored eight touchdowns, has had flashes of relevance this season but mirrors the Browns in that he can’t seem to find any consistency. The Browns seem insistent on limiting Crowell’s carries, as he hasn’t seen more than 15 in any game this season. This may be in part due to physical limitations as Crowell has been battling a toe injury and apparently suffered a rib injury during Week 7.

Game flow may be the largest factor in determining Crowell’s relevance going forward. Breaking news, the Cleveland Browns are not good and will most likely find themselves trailing in a large number of contests. Gary Barnidge is doing his best Nick Jonas impression by insisting on remaining relevant somehow, Duke Johnson seems to be entrenched as the pass catching back in this offense and if the coaching staff continues splitting Crowell’s carries with the human bicep, Robert Turbin, then Crowell’s productivity will continue to be unpredictable, at best.


Wide Receiver

Leonard Hankerson, Atlanta Falcons

Leonard “HankTime” Hankerson (worst nickname ever) is doing his best Bobby Brown Posse impression, leading the league in drops. Hankerson has already accumulated seven dropped passes, which is astounding considering he’s tied for 53rd in targets with only 38. Hankerson forced Fantasy Football owners to take notice with strong performances in Week 2 and Week 4 but outside of those two weeks, he’s been a drain on your roster with just 10 receptions on 20 targets in the other five games he’s played.

The Atlanta Falcons passing game should seemingly have enough volume to sustain Hankerson as an option for Fantasy Football owners but it simply isn’t happening. Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman collectively make up more than 50 percent of Matt Ryan’s passing yards while nothing more than the scraps are thrown the way of Hankerson, Roddy White and Jacob Tamme.

To make matters worse for the boom or bust Hankerson, he left his Week 7 game with a hamstring injury. Even the most loyal Leonard Hankerson owners have to be growing weary of seeing “leg injury” next to Hankerson’s name. Based on injuries, Greg Hardy-like unreliability, poor performance and the number of waiver wire options emerging each week, Hankerson’s time as a Fantasy relevant wide receiver in 2015 might be even shorter than a Sportscenter game recap. Just like Bobby taught us, I’ll use my prerogative to pass on HankTime just like I’ll be passing on the new Mark-Paul Gosselaar show on NBC.


Honorable Mention: I’m giving these guys another week

  • Rashad Jennings, RB, New York Giants

  • Christine Michael, RB, Dallas Cowboys

  • Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego Chargers

  • Jordan Matthews, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

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