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I can say today with pleasure that Fantasy Baseball mock draft season is upon us! Numerous big name Fantasy Baseball sites have turned on their mock draft software recently, so it’s time for us take advantage.

Plus, you can use our free Draft Wizard mock draft tool to run your own one-person mock draft against computers, in whatever format your league uses.

Mock drafting allows us to better understand trends like when our targeted players are getting picked, when the closer run starts and how deep each position is.

It also allows us to feed our addiction and pretend we are drafting a real team over and over and over and over …

I recommend at least 1,000 mock drafts for everyone – but even if you can find the time to run through just a couple, it will still help you greatly, particularly if you are new to Rotisserie Baseball, like me.

I am fresh off some mock drafting today myself and thought I could share a few details from my experiences.

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Results

Let’s take a look at the Fantasy Baseball mock draft results of two mocks I did this afternoon.

Mock Draft No. 1: 12-team Roto, Snake draft, 4th pick

  • C Russell Martin, Toront
  • 1B Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
  • 2B Robinson Cano, Seattle
  • 3B Manny Machado, Baltimore
  • SS Jose Reyes, Toronto
  • OF Starling Marte, Pittsburgh
  • OF Charlie Blackmon, Colorado
  • OF Kole Calhoun, L.A. Angels
  • Utility Mark Trumbo, Arizona
  • Utility Brandon Moss, Cleveland
  • SP Stephen Strasburg, Washington
  • SP Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh
  • RP David Robertson, Chicago White Sox
  • RP Cody Allen, Cleveland
  • P Phil Hughes, Minnesota
  • P Brandon McCarthy, L.A. Dodgers
  • P Chris Tillman, Baltimore
  • P Darren O’Day, Baltimore
  • Bench: Brandon Belt, San Francisco
  • Bench: Brock Holt, Boston
  • Bench: Brett Lawrie, Oakland
  • Bench: Steven Souza, Tampa Bay

My first thought when I looked at this team was that my outfield lacked an anchor and my pitching needed some help. I had gone in thinking starting pitching was extremely deep, so I held off after grabbing an ace in Strasburg.

I maybe pulled the trigger a little late since most of my starting rotation couldn’t strike out my beer-drinking softball buddies. It’s interesting that these mock drafts will add up their site’s “projections” and tell you where they think you will finish the season. In this case they ranked me a middlin’ 6th place. I ranked top four in R, RBI, HR, SB and WHIP. However I was near the bottom in W, S, ERA, BA, and actually ranked last in Ks.

Great thing about mock drafting is I can just take a mulligan and do it over!

Mock Draft No. 2: 12-team Roto, Snake draft, 4th pick

  • C Brian McCann, N.Y. Yankees
  • 1B Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
  • 2B Jose Altuve, Houston
  • 3B Chris Davis, Baltimore
  • SS Ben Zobrist, Oakland
  • OF Jacoby Ellsbur, N.Y. Yankees
  • OF George Springer, Houston
  • OF Jayson Werth, Washington
  • Utility Danny Santana, Minnesota
  • Utility A.J. Pollock, Arizona
  • SP Adam Wainwright, St. Louis
  • SP Sonny Gray, Oakland
  • RP Kenley Jansen, L.A. Dodgers
  • RP Cody Allen, Cleveland
  • P Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh
  • P Doug Fister, Washington
  • P Matt Fiers, Milwaukee
  • P Collin McHugh, Houston
  • Bench: Adam Eaton, Chicago White Sox
  • Bench: Danny Salazar, Cleveland
  • Bench: Lonnie Chisenhall, Cleveland
  • Bench: Travis d’Arnaud, N.Y. Mets

This time I grabbed a couple pitchers in the middle rounds and then topped off my rotation as the draft proceeded later on. The results look better in my opinion and the supposed projections agree. I ranked third this time with upper tier rankings in R, SB, and ERA. I finished in the middle in BA, W, S, K and WHIP. My HR and RBI suffered as I ranked 10th in those categories.

However, the overall results showed that waiting on pitching, but then investing before the quality starters disappeared worked out well for my pitching stats. Using this approach, I maybe should have targeted some HR/RBI guys more heavily in the earlier rounds — but that’s what mock draft No. 3 will be for.

Which team do you think is the better one going into 2015? My “take-home message” from this experiment is that mock drafts allow you to try out multiple strategies and refine them as you go.

Ultimately this is going to better prepare you for the real thing. I learned from just these two practice rounds that pitching is indeed deep enough to wait on, but not so deep that you can completely ignore the position.

I am going to keep experimenting with the idea of drafting an ace then adding depth in the last third of the draft. This looks feasible, but I may need a couple dozen more mocks to really develop this strategy. As a rookie, I don’t trust my ability to “Kluber” my way to winning pitching in my first year, so a top ace could make my job easier and at a decent price considering many are waiting on pitching.

Luckily, I have another month and about 950 mock drafts to go… Do your own free Fantasy Baseball mock drafts here, and share your results with us below!

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